Posted by: da_nibbler | October 15, 2008

South of Nowhere starts again

…and is only steps (episodes) away from its ultimate demise. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

With another seven episodes to go South of Nowhere premiered their second batch of episodes for season three. Or as some call it – their short season four. No matter how you index the last few episodes they are finally here and was I happy to see them return. But then I started watching and my happiness gave way to annoyance.

We left of with a great cliffhanger. Spencer visiting Ashley late at night wearing nothing but a trench coat, that was dropped as we faded to black. Now THAT’s what I call a cliffhanger. Unfortunately this latest episode could not live up to the high expectations I had after seeing said cliffhanger. Granted, I’m glad to have Spencer back (who wouldn’t), but I realized that I don’t care about any of the other characters on the show anymore. Kyla and her blogger-stalker-manager are already way past my nerves, Ashley and Paula are trampling them and the rest I don’t even want to think about. What happened to this awesome show?

This was never intended to be a premiere episode and it shows. Thanks to the wise guys (and girls) at the N the second half of season three (or however you want to call it) was postponed and postponed again. Basically making a whole new season out of it. Unfortunately the episodes were not written or shot with that in mind. And that shows. Bad, bad people at the N.

Now all I can hope for is that next episode will be better, my expectations lower or watching the last few gasps escaping the South of Nowhere body will be a terrifying thing to witness. Entertainment, where have you gone?


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