Posted by: da_nibbler | October 16, 2008

Max Payne = maximized disaster?

Variety has their first review of the new film Max Payne online. Based on the popular video game from 2001 the film seems to lack everything wanted and have everything one would like to avoid. At the moment it’s one of the few films that has a “0%” official rating at Rotten Tomatoes. The RT Community gives it “62%” at least.

Overall it seems like the film has Max-imized its potential to tank at the box office.  It will probably have a great start. Maybe even snatch the top spot. But if the reviews so far are any indication the film will have a hard time staying on top despite the original video game’s fanbase and the film’s obvious appeal to the young male demographic.

Still can’t wait to see it for myself. Bad reviews don’t keep me from watching a film and this one looks visually interesting, which is enough to get me to the theater. That, and I loved the video game.



  1. From a true fan of the video games, I found myself mildly entertained by this guilty pleasure. I know it’s not the greatest thing ever, but I was still watching it, even in its worst moments. Nice info, check out my review when you can!

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