Posted by: da_nibbler | October 18, 2008

True Blood

A friend got me into the new vampire tv series True Blood by Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball. So far I don’t really know what to make of the show. Hard to tell after only three episodes. I am catching up.

It’s a good entertainment show and for a while I didn’t know WHY exactly I wasn’t overly impressed with it. It has a decent enough storyline, an engaging atmosphere and good acting. By the way, Anna Paquin stars in it. Not that that would make me watch it any more. I don’t care about Paquin. Never have, probably never will. She has a pretentious aura about her that I just don’t dig. And that’s the main reason I think why I am not digging this show at all. Not because of Paquin. Because of the characters. Totally unrelatable, lacking any kind of charme they feel rather two-dimensional, forced and stereotyped. Maybe the writers just want to give them room to evolve throughout the series, but so far the best I can say about them is they are okay. Some are borderline annoying.

I will stick with this show throughout its first season. You never know. It could turn into something amazing. But so far I am not seeing a lot of potential in it. It airing on HBO at least means less censoring. Unfortunately they have only used that when it comes to sex scenes. I’m hoping that will change soon. If Six Feet Under was any indication this show should pick up soon and reveal its fangs.

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