Posted by: da_nibbler | October 20, 2008

The Tripper

That was one of the weirdest horror films I have ever seen. I scare easily (see blog post about The Strangers for reference), but in this film I wasn’t scared one single time. Quite the opposite actually. I was bored beyond belief. Not even the indie-feel of this low-budget-slasher-flick (think Evil Dead), the hopefully intentional bad acting and sometimes funny lines of dialogue were able to save this from the dungeons of horror – and I don’t mean that in a good way. The underlying stab at politics didn’t make it any more interesting. Maybe a bit more fun, but it only lasted a very short while before it got repetitive, boring and dull. Which is a good way to describe the whole film.

You get the typical horror-film-structure with the bad boy being introduced in the beginning followed by the easy victims, among who you find the underdog hero. The journey is usually the goal in the horror genre, being scared and seeing people sliced and diced left, right and center. Not in this instance. My goal while watching this was the end of the film, which, despite only running for less than 90 minutes, was too far away for me. Speaking of the end. Of course the villain comes back despite having been killed in a way no one could ever survive. But that is your usual horror-flick-structure. At least the typically inevitable sequel isn’t looming on the horizon.

More like a who’s-who and spot-the-celebrity this film doesn’t even succeed in halfheartedly entertaining people. It is just one big bore from a to z, where you find yourself clapping at the re-emergence of the killer at the end only because you know the film is finally over. Maybe one needs to be intoxicated, like the characters, to get this film. But I don’t even want to give it another try. Seen it once. No thank you to ever seeing it again.

Directed by David Arquette, starring many of his friends including his wife, this film is one of the best examples of how not to make a film. While some might see a great homage to b and or c horror flicks from the past (some of which I also love – see Evil Dead) in this film I see a great failure. On an entertainment level, this film just lacks everything where films like Braindead succeeded. IF you seriously have to watch this do so only while playing the spot-the-celebrity drinking game!


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