Posted by: da_nibbler | October 24, 2008

Snow Cake

Would you pick up a hitchhiker? Probably not. I wouldn’t. It is way too dangerous and the way my luck usually runs I would get stuck with a psychopath, who would stab me, push me out to the side into the ditch and steal my car.

Alex, played by Alan Rickman, is lucky. He is “chosen” by Vivienne to give him a ride. Reluctantly he agrees and while traveling together he starts to warm up to the vibrant and energetic young woman. Just as they are having the time of their lives the unimaginable happens – a truck runs into Alex’s car, killing Vivienne instantly.

This horrible event has the most unusual and profound impact on his life. He meets Vivienne’s mother, Linda, who turns out to be autistic and highly dependable on her daughter. Alex can’t help but stay for a few days to help Linda with the funeral and bring out the garbage on Tuesday, because that was Vivienne’s job and Linda can’t do it.

His stay in town gives him a chance for reflection. Linda’s peculiarities and her unique take on life have a huge effect on Alex, who is battling his own demons…

Amazing film, brilliant cast and an emotionality that doesn’t exhaust, but invigorate. Despite the horrible events taking place you can’t help but smile every couple of minutes. The way the character Linda not only affects Alex, but also the viewer, has such a profound impact in its simplicity and complexity that you can’t help but be enchanted and discover a new outlook on your own life. The most horrible events can sometimes create the most beautiful situations, bad turning to something good and sometimes stopping can be the most important part of your journey. We should all slow then and stop every now and then. You never know what you might be missing.


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