Posted by: da_nibbler | October 27, 2008

South of Nowhere episode 3.11 (aka 4.03)

An opener without the gorgeous Spencer, aka Gabrielle Christian, is not cool with me. Especially when Ashley is supposed to find out Kyla kicked, smashed and trampled all over her dream and all she does is “I’m actually furious right now”. Nice words, didn’t show. Sorry hun.

But all that is forgiven when we find out that Ashley is going to spend some quality time with Spencer alone in the Carlin residence. The tiring triangle of daddy Carlin, Aiden and Glen has to come up, but is gone just as quickly. Now onto the good stuff.

Spencer is at the fridge when Ashley comes up behind her, kisses her neck and is revealed to only wearing Spencer’s robe and nothing else. That sounds like a great start to me. Unfortunately there is someone at the door. It’s Johnaca, Lilly’s friend. Remember Lilly, the documentary filmmaker? Lilly and Johnaca that attended Spencer’s birthday party last episode. Johnaca, who couldn’t help but heavily flirt with Spencer at said birthday party. And Johnaca is doing it again, bringing over some of her favorite documentaries for Spencer. Ashley is immediately in “take your eyes of my girlfriend” mode, darts and fire bolting from her eyes right into Johnaca, who doesn’t care and happily agrees to stay when Spencer asks her. Why does Spencer always have to be so polite? Ashley goes upstairs changing into “something less comfortable”. This is not how I wanted to see this going down. Damn. And then “Fred”, aka Johnaca, is sticking around for quite some time. Ashley finds out she was flirting heavily with the birthday girl, but thank god as soon as “Fred” is gone Ashley and Spencer don’t fight as they usually do. They kiss. Everything is how it should be. And as usual they get interrupted. I hate Ashley’s cellphone.

Now we’re onto the amazing boringness in this week’s South of Nowhere. First, Kyla and creepy-blogger-whatever-his-name-is-guy. It’s all about last week’s lip-sync-disaster when Mr. I-don’t-know-where-my-razor-went goes “You don’t confess to anything unless I give you permission”. The look on Kyla’s face doesn’t even come close to the look on my face when I saw that. I had to pause the whole thing and do a loud “oh no you di’i’nt”. Whats up with Mr. Bleach (just look at his hair)? Too many drugs? Too much bleach? Combination of too much bleach, drugs and LA sun? Whatever it is, after saying that line he will be finally kicked of the show for good. After that I was just waiting for some incriminating material of Kyla to show up and I wasn’t disappointed. You don’t have to be a genius to see that one coming.

While all this is going on we go to even more boring boringness. One word – Camping! I hate camping. I hate everything about it. Including the little montage they inserted into this episode so we know we are with the annoying triangle on their camping trip now. A little foresty pan would have done that trick. Do we seriously have to waste so much time in an already way too short episode with a stupid montage. Especially on a storyline that no one, and I do mean no one, is interested in watching anyways. We want to see Spencer and Ashley. It has always been like that and it always will be. Now that the show is in its last few gasps before death we still get ridiculous filler material. Let’s hope that was the last time or I will have to send Spencer’s granny over to spend some quality time with the writers. You’ll be lucky if all she does is call you a “beast”. But then again you created that monster. Never mind.

Overall disappointing episode. As is so often the case we start out with a great premise, Ashley and Spencer spending the whole day together without supervision, only to have all kinds of unimportant little details disrupt that. As if I would let these things ruin my quality time with my girlfriend. If you want to make the supporting cast less annoying give them less screen time. Focus on the characters people want to see. And when you do, give them something to do. Constant interruptions are not a story, they are distractions. If this show wasn’t already canceled I might start losing interest in it. It’s never been about the Carlin family. It’s about Spencer, her coming to terms with her sexuality, discovering who she is and how the world reacts to it and how she will chose to live her life. It is about Spencer trying to be a good role model for young lesbians out there. But just given the screen time you wouldn’t know it…. shame. Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave are the heart of this show. They made it a success. When you have such good actresses on a show you should use them. Plus, they are probably the most expensive ones on there. You might as well get your money’s worth. Let’s hope for a better episode next week.

Kyla’s midnight confession was the best thing of the whole episode. Finally I could see Ashley getting agitated. And I didn’t just like it cos her chest was heaving like crazy.


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