Posted by: da_nibbler | October 28, 2008


Well done „period” piece from George Clooney about the early beginnings of professional football in the states. A glimpse back in time with upbeat jazz music rounding out the well done set and costume design. You don’t have to know anything about football to understand this film. Its charme and quirkiness set it apart from other football films that are clearly relying more on the action. While there is some action here, not just football action, this film focuses more on the characters and the story. Heavy pacing issues are the case every now and then. Thanks to a good script and great directing yet again by Clooney the film never falls flat or gets boring. Clooney and Zellweger bring interesting and charismatic characters to life that one can’t help but root for. Whenever those two have a scene together the dialogue seems to be on a whole different level. These two play well with and off of each other making their scenes the highlight of the film and a real joy to watch. Not just for football enthusiasts like me, this film will also appeal to the ladies, not just thanks to Clooney. The guys will get a bit of history of their favorite sport, action on and of the field and some good old school guy humor that is missing in modern films. Definitely worth checking out.

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