Posted by: da_nibbler | October 28, 2008

War, Inc.

A good idea gone bad. The only good thing I remember from this film was the opening. It starts with old western music revealing modern scenery. Looked like an interesting premise. Unfortunately the film disappoints in every way possible.

The stab at the war on terrorism is not enough to make a movie. The story and characters are badly written. The whole focus is on the cheap gags and jokes. By trying to make a political statement the film loses sight of what it should do more than anything, which is to entertain. The supposedly fun stuff gets boring after a while, the characters are only caricatures and the story is ridiculous. There is not a single highlight to point out which is testament enough for how bad this film is. Not even Hillary duff’s cute doe-eyes make this work even remotely. Worst of all Joan Cusack is totally wasted in this. STAY CLEAR OF THIS ONE!


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