Posted by: da_nibbler | November 4, 2008

The Situation

Like the title suggests this film is about a situation. The situation in Iraq to be exact. It offers an intricate look into all the machinations, the intrigue and scheming going on behind the scenes of the Iraq war. Some people honestly trying to make a difference and getting everything on track while others have totally different agendas. After all there is only one truth about war – people die. And the ones not dead yet are doing everything in their power to stay alive. By any means necessary.

The film follows the story of journalist Anna Molyneux, played by Connie Nielsen. She and her Iraqi photographer are hunting for a story and throughout the events in the film are getting personally involved and end up in the line of fire. Literally.

A statement that sums up this film and the whole Iraq war, or any war for that matter, for me was:

“There is no truth, you know….It’s just that the truth shifts according to each person you talk to… because the truth is covered over with layers of agenda.”

Having the feel of a documentary this film stands out as the most honest and convincing film about the Iraq war so far.


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