Posted by: da_nibbler | November 7, 2008

Confirmed premieres for Dollhouse and Terminator

Fox announced its midseason schedule with new airdates for new series Dollhouse, by creator Joss Whedon (see yesterday’s post on the series for details), and the midseason premiere for Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Seems like we have to wait a bit longer for Joss Whedon’s new creation. Dollhouse was pushed back to February 13 for a 9 pm timeslot. Lead-in will be the second half of Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ season two, starting at 8 pm.

DollhouseThat scream you just heard was from Joss Whedon and all his fans. Friday for Dollhouse. Really? Doesn’t that remind us of another show Joss Whedon did for Fox? Oh yeah… wasn’t there something called Firefly, that promising series Fox basically stabbed in the back by moving it to low-ratings-Friday, where it withered and died? Dollhouse was supposed to premiere with 24 on Monday nights, but seems like Fox is having a bit of concern for Dollhouse. Low-rating series Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles is not likely to help Dollhouse to a great start. Let’s just hope that people will tune in regardless of the day. What else are Tivos for!


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