Posted by: da_nibbler | November 11, 2008

South of Nowhere episode 3.12 (aka 4.04)

Oh oh, trouble in Spashley-land. Ashley is still pissed off about Kyla and her big trap (see last episode for details) and lets it out on Spencer. Who then ends up running into Johnaca, getting mixed signals and drunk and ends up kissing Johnaca, or is that Fred by now?

Funny enough, Johnaca is a bit freaked out because she totally has a girlfriend and was just playing. Oh Spencer…. Thank god Lilly has a heart to heart with her and tells her all of life’s secrets. Lesbian life that is.

Glen finally gets his act together. He has his job back – apparently he was one of the best salesmen ever – and is studying for his SATs and junior college. Good for you and yes, the parentals are proud too.

Ashley is waiting for Spencer at the Carlin residence like an unopened surprise present. She can say she’s sorry and actually look like she means it. That red rose and her puppy eyed apology definitely helped. But it seems like it is actually Spencer who has to apologize. For that booze-induced liplock with Fred, I mean Johnaca. But Ashley is taking that way better than I would have ever given her credit for.

“If our relationship can not survive a few slutty, embarrassing would-be indiscretions then what’s the point?!”

Seems like someone has grown up. I’m starting to like her more and more.

We end the episode with a nice montage of the three “couples” while listening to Ashley’s belated birthday present for her girl Spencer.

Four episodes down, four more to go. The end is nigh.


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