Posted by: da_nibbler | November 11, 2008

True Blood episode 1.10

Given the content of this week’s episode I shall call it the fact episode, or factisode for short. So much stuff to process it feels like someone was just checking of items on a list.

What did we learn?

A left over fact from the previous episode is the reveal that Sam is actually the stray dog hanging around Merlotte’s. Who didn’t see this coming? No hands raised. That’s what I thought.

While on the subject of doggies or more so the newly introduced shifters, the ability is hereditary, as the big reveal we need something a little bit more scary. Shifters just aren’t scary enough. Because you would actually have to think about it first to see the real danger they pose. So the show comes up with something more obvious. For the dumb masses. How about we throw out the word werewolves? This is a vampire series after all. And not just since Underworld are vampire and werewolf stories linked. At least they are holding some of the candy back and don’t actually tell or show us any more of the werewolves. More on that in later episodes I’m sure.

Interesting next reveal that for now just seems to be a little minor detail. Yanking a vampire’s fangs will inable him to feed. Doh! The interesting part was that it takes a vampire three months to grow them back.

We finally found out Miss Jeanette’s a fake. But the power of faith is undeniable. It even worked on Tara. After that glimpse of normalcy we get our beloved pissed of Tara back asap. It is how it should be.

We learn a lot about Sam’s past in this episode. The first time he “shifted” thanks to his little puppy functioning as the catalyst. Doing that right in front of your adoptive parents has dire consequences. When he comes home the next day, they have just packed up and left with everything they own. Leaving his room untouched. Thanks mom and dad.

The elusive serial killer finally gets a hold of his most wanted prey, Sookie. Sam comes in to save her. But he, or she, is getting closer. Anyone else having an idea who it might be? I’m taking on bets.

One more thing about vampires. They seem to believe in balance (among other things). Bill gets of his actual sentence – five years buried in a coffin chained with silver – because the Magister feels “creative“. You know you’re in trouble when you hear the word “creative” by a sinister creature. It’s all in the subtext. I’m loving it. Especially when he reveals his creativity. Bill took a life, or rather death. He killed a vampire so he must create a new one. Sounds very reasonable to me. An eye for an eye. Unfortunately you have to kill a human and turn it to achieve that. And to make it extra hard and gut-wrenching said human had to be a young, bible-quoting girl. Oh and as a little fact on the side, our resident friendly vampire Bill has never turned anyone. There is a first time for everything.

Most interesting dialogue this week:

Sookie: How many of you are there?

Sam: Thousands, tens of thousands maybe. We don’t exactly have a newsletter…. werewolves are dangerous, nasty creatures. do not call me a werewolf.

Sookie: What else is out there?

Sam: More than you can imagine.

Someone has had a run-in with someone or something and most definitely knows more than he lets on. I could not care less about his character or any of the others as a matter of fact. I don’t really know what keeps me coming back to this series, yet I find myself watching every new episode. At least his character got a bit more interesting. But this series needs to reveal a bit more about its big picture or I will seriously lose interest. The characters are not engaging enough, the story line to loose. We need more than just a factisode every now and then. We need to see more of the story.



  1. Oops you meant Sam. There is an actual dog so it wasn’t like Sookie was rubbing Sam’s belly. The poor guy finds out that he’s a shifter and his adoptive parents decide to abandon him but at least they were nice enough to leave his stuff behind. I just can’t figure out why Andy is so interested in Sam. Maybe he has a crush on him? Sam is pretty cute. As for Tara I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled that Brook was replaced but Rustina has really grown on me.

  2. What Brook are you referring to in your last sentence?
    Thanks for pointing out my typo/character switch. Mixing up Sam and Bill is not a good sign. 😉

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