Posted by: da_nibbler | November 16, 2008

Star Trek 11 Trailer

Not just Trekkies are excited to see the new Star Trek film to be released May 8, 2009. Still not definitely titled, Star Trek 11 or Star Trek Zero, the film is directed by J. J. Abrams. The man that brought a new, gritty, action-laden version of Mission Impossible 3 to the screen, introduced the world to kick-ass-babe Jennifer Garner in Alias and created a new mystery series called Lost about an island and its inhabitants, which and who’s mysteries we are still trying to crack. To make it short, I have the utmost confidence in his vision and directorial skills to want to check this one out as well.

A bootleg trailer hit the net over the weekend. Unofficial and therefore probably very short-lived. Watch it quickly below the cut, before it gets removed.

After watching that I am actually not sure whether I would go and see this film. The only interesting and enticing aspect was the music. The characters look like caricatures. Everything looks rather stale, nothing evident that would warm me up to the film. Other than the fact that Karl Urban is in it. And did I see a Mr. Spock aggressively attacking someone. Someone that might be Kirk? Spock, aggressive? I will give the film the benefit of the doubt, also because of the director attached (I love MI:3), but this might turn into a film I will wait to check out on DVD.


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