Posted by: da_nibbler | November 17, 2008

South of Nowhere episode 3.13 (aka 4.05)

The teaser does more than only tease this week. It already tells you what the episode is about. Or to be a bit more exact it tells you who the episode focuses on. Which in this instant is a total bummer. The whole episode centers around Glen and Chelsea and their new romance.

We left last episode with a montage of couples. Among them, Glen and Chelsea making out in Chelsea’s studio. It that wasn’t troubling enough (I would totally want to get my brother’s girlfriend, but even I would feel weird about that) and super obvious it was about to happen more trouble looms ahead with Sean coming back. Remember Sean? Clay’s best friend. The African-American wunderkind and would-be-philosopher. That Sean. And he is back.

Chelsea and everyone else, with the exception of Clay, is happy to have Sean back. He came back for the memorial ceremony, that is about to happen. Now that Clay is gone he is hitting on Chelsea. It doesn’t take him long to catch the drift that Glen is head over heels into Chelsea. The usual rival bickerning occurs until the final climax at a dinner at the Carlin residence, where Glen basically proclaims his love for Chelsea. Aaaaaaan we CUT. More on next week’s episode. Now it’s up to Chelsea to choose. Do we care? No, not really.

But wait, there is more. Spencer and Ashley were actually in the episode too. Not that much happened with them, hence the utter boringness this week. The best part was Spencer trying to sneak Ashley back out of the house without her parents, especially her mom, noticing. But of course Ashley runs into Paula, Spencer tries acting surprised to see Ashley, but Paula doesn’t buy it of course. The best part was Ashley giving Paula a kiss on the cheek and leaving. All Paula says is “we’ll talk about this later” which they never did. Paula has really turned into the mother of all mothers. Who wouldn’t want a Paula-Carlin-second-half-of-season-three-version as a mom?

Quick facts:

Apparently something is fishy about the Kyla-midnight-confession-video. Sean immediately saw it, while the rest of the world didn’t. Because of that Ashley forgives Kyla, but only after Spencer has a heart-to-heart with Ashley about it. Otherwise furious Ashley would still be breezing through LA trying to pay her bills.


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