Posted by: da_nibbler | November 20, 2008

Quantum Of Solace

With a running time of just over 100 minutes the latest Bond installment, Quantum of Solace, has got to be the shortest Bond film ever. Continuing the story where Casino Royale left of we are immediately thrown back into the action as we witness an adrenaline-high car chase through the Italian mountains. It’s not even been five minutes and Bond has already trashed an Aston Martin.

The car chase is good, but doesn’t even come close to the jump-action-chase Casino Royale opened with. That basically sums up the whole film. While Quantum of Solace is more than just a sequel it’s the inevitable comparisons to Casino Royale that keep this film from being great. Good action sequences, like the car chase or later on a boat chase or the final showdown in a hotel in the desert that catches on fire and blows up halfway, can’t make up for the sometimes confusing plot, which makes the film hard to follow and might throw people off.

The Bond babes are gorgeous yet can’t compare with Eva Green. Olga Kurylenko is great as Camille, a woman on a quest of vengeance. Victim of a fire when she was a child she still has the scar to show for it on her back. After she finally gets her revenge the fire comes back to haunt her, shocking her into inactivity and sure death. Bond getting ready to shoot her, and maybe himself, since there is no escape (and burning to death is not an option when you got a gun) the usual last-second escape makes an appearance (and a big explosion). Gemma Arterton clearly has too short a presence in the film as Strawberry Fields. She is the one of the two that actually has sex with Bond and pays the usual Bond-girl-way for that later. This time we get a Bond girl lathered in oil. “Her lungs are full of it” is all M has to say to Bond after they discover her black body oozing the precious liquid all over the pristine white hotel sheets.

Everyone Bond encounters in the film, trying to pry information from them, dies. By the end of the film he has learned how to control himself. He is turning into the Bond we all know and love. Also we are introduced to Felix Leiter, who is not in the position we know him for yet. Thanks to the events in Quantum of Solace he gets promoted. The foundations of the Bond universe we have known before the re-launch have been set. Overall a good film. The confusing plot stops it from being great. Casino Royale is still unbeaten, but Quantum of Solace is a worthy, yet sometimes seemingly lengthy despite its running time, sequel.


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