Posted by: da_nibbler | November 21, 2008

Stunt casting on 30 Rock

We are only at episode four in 30 Rock‘s third season and already I am tired of all the stunt casting taking place. After Oprah and Jennifer Aniston now Steve Martin makes an appearance as an agoraphobic billionaire hitting on Liz Lemon.

While I don’t mind the occasional injection of star power into tv shows, this is the third episode in a row (out of four) that the star-IV has been attached. It is getting tiresome.

30 Rock has always been tough in the ratings, getting more buzz from critics than from viewers, but the show has to return to its roots and emphasize the Liz and Jack characters and include their regulars more in the actual story lines. The stunt casting just seems to take away the focus from what the show is about and only caters to the weekly star. A lot of sci-fi and horror series have the tiresome monster-of-the-week routine, 30 Rock has the just as annoying star-of-the-week routine going. Wake up, 30 Rock. This is not the direction you want to take your show.


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