Posted by: da_nibbler | November 24, 2008

Digital vs. analog

Film projection can be a tricky business. We never think twice about what is really going on in that projection booth so we can enjoy our film. The digital age, with its digital projectors and copies, was heralded to make it all easier, flawless and brilliant.

Upping the visual and audio quality, not neccessarily the quality of the film, was the main goal. Not having to bother with several roles of film a digital projector works basically like your very own DVD-Player. Basically. You can add subtitles, different language tracks and everything is changeable at the click of a button. But the projector is a bit more complicated than that.

Have a look at a fun read of projection mishaps at theaters. Test screenings, press screenings, sold out venues. They all have a history of projection mishaps. Welcome to the Digital Age!


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