Posted by: da_nibbler | November 24, 2008

Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Everyone has been warning me about this film. The bad reviews and the film’s performance, or rather lack thereof,  at the box office was more than an indication as to how bad it is. But as always I wanted to see for myself. Prepared for the worst I was still horribly disappointed.

The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor brings back our favorite tomb raiders, although Rachel Weisz wouldn’t return so Maria Bello took over her role. After the disaster of the second Mummy film I was not surprised to hear of the departure, or not return, of Weisz. But how they got Maria Bello is beyond me. Speaking of great casting that is totally wasted in this film let’s not forget Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh, the only reasons to watch this film. Especially Yeoh is completely wasted in this flick, that is trying to recapture old glory, but falls short in every regard. Li and Yeoh hardly have any screen time, which is reserved for the annoying little brat from The Mummy Returns, the McConnell son, all grown up now.

The film opens with a powerful emperor scorned by the woman he loves and the poor other guy therefore getting torn into several pieces. Thousands of years pass. Sound familiar? It is. This film is rehashing the original Mummy script. How boring and lackluster is that. A remake within your own franchise? That must be a new one. This time though the emperor comes back to raise hell, not the secret lover. We also have the people who watch over the tomb for thousands of years again including their rival faction. Everything is the same, but lacking the first one’s charme and entertainment value. Instead of a funny roller coaster ride and witty dialogue we get action that we have seen many times over and characters that have lost their energy and want to be finally done with this.

The Mummy Returns was already a big failure and a horrid film, but at least we had an interesting villain with cool powers. The element powers of Jet Li’s character are fun at first, but the script is not making enough out of it. No woah effects here when he uses his powers. They are pretty lame although effective against the other characters. Changing into all kinds of creatures doesn’t help either.

I can’t think of a single scene that I liked this time around. I was actually glad when it was finally over, with its predictable ending and the shot at a possible sequel. Who ever has the power to do so MAKE IT STOP! The characters are over this, the actors are over this and the fans as well. Bury this franchise and hope that no one in the near future will raid its burial ground and bring another curse and film into existence. Thousands of years shall pass. At least that way I won’t live to see it.


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