Posted by: da_nibbler | November 24, 2008

New Ice Age 3 Trailer

The new Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs trailer is online. Looking wickedly cool, as always, we are introduced to a new character. Although it seems I didn’t look close enough at the new poster. What I thought looked like a Scrat-ette, a female Scrat, in the lower right seems to be something of a flying fox given what we see in the trailer (details on that here). Seems like the fans are getting what they have been demanding from the start. More Scrat! The little nut-crazy furry animal has been the fan favorite since the very first trailer for the first Ice Age film hit theaters in 2001. His fan base has increased as has his screen time in the second installment, Ice Age The Meltdown. And now, judging from the trailer, we get even more Scrat. Or shall we say, Scrat gets some… love that is. At least a love story. Let’s hope the flying fox, or Scrat-ette for short, won’t go breaking his heart and actually turn a bit sweeter than she does in the new trailer.

Enough with all the chatter. Have a look (in HD). And don’t even try to tell me that trailer isn’t beyond cute. I can’t wait to see this.


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