Posted by: da_nibbler | November 25, 2008

South of Nowhere episode 3.14 (aka 4.06)

Yet again another teaser with Glen and Chelsea. I am so over their romancing escapades by now. And just like last week a lot of the 22 minutes is devoted to them. Again I put a vote before you all. Does anyone care about them? No? That’s what I thought. Could we get some more Spencer and Ashley before this show bites the dust. Only two more episodes to go.

Spencer is still filming everything. Annoying Ashley so much she threatens to “no more late night favors” to which Spencer sheepishly replies “Fine. But it will be your loss too“. Great looks are interchanged and the cheeky sexual attraction is finally back again. Awesome chemistry those two. Ashley has her mind set to attend an open mike night at Ego. Spencer being the supportive “mothering” or “girlfriending” girlfriend is tryint to make sure Ashley attends. When Ashley isn’t thinking about revitalizing her career, was there ever one, all that is going through her mind is which college Spencer is going to attend. Separation anxiety. Remind me, isn’t she a multi-millionaire who could move to about everywhere if she wanted to?

Kyla is handing out food to homeless people. Where does all that come from all of a sudden? Are we back to the old, sweet, reliable, head-on-her-shoulders Kyla? I sure hope so. But it’s just a cheap plot point to get to the real meat. Carmen, Spencer’s ex also known as Bangs, is back. Ashley and Spencer run into her where she manages to crush Ashley’s ego so she can’t sing at Ego cos she has no ego anymore. Make sense? But that’s not the end of it.

Carmen is homeless, creating drawings for a few dollars and gets her food from Kyla of all people. Of course she immediately recognises her and pushes the right buttons to get what she wants. Kyla being all samaritan, probably to try and atone for everything she has done in the not so distant past, surprises Ashley and Spencer, who were just making out in the livingroom, with a new houseguest – Carmen. Given Kyla’s bad credit this season, especially with Ashley, why did she think it was okay to do this? Hey sis, I know I fucked up your career real bad and humiliated you in front of millions of people if not the world, but you won’t mind my new pet project moving in with us, do you? Exes are trouble, sisters are worse. Dyke drama anyone?

More in the next episode. Bangs seems to be on a mission. Does she want Spencer back? Is she just jealous and wants to break them up? Or is nothing much going to happen because it doesn’t involve Glen and Chelsea? More next week.

p.s. Glen and Chelsea are now together after Chelsea giving both guys a run for their money and it being the Carlin parentals that made her change her mind. A meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes will do that to a girl I guess.


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