Posted by: da_nibbler | November 25, 2008

True Blood Season 1 Finale

The elusive serial killer and Sookie face to face. The final showdown. This is what we have been waiting for the whole season. But unfortunately it is a bit anti climactic. And over the top.

For anyone who missed last week’s episode, in which case you need to get a hold of it as soon as possible because it was the best this season (see here why), Rene seems to be the suspected killer. Only we, the viewers, know that though. That knowledge is supposed to send chills down our spine as we see Rene drive Sookie home, trying to safeguard her from the killer, ergo himself. Somehow that whole chill thing didn’t work for me though. I couldn’t have cared less. Maybe I just don’t quite get the power Sookie has and why that wouldn’t let her read Rene’s mind and sense the “familiarity” in the killer’s mind she mentioned earlier.

Everyone comes to her rescue. Sam the dog, Bill the barbecued vamp and a shovel that ends up tearing deep into Rene’s neck. Way to go Sookie. The only one getting buried on the spot is crusty Bill. To safe him. He has the worst type of sunburn I have ever seen. Of course a good dose of SPF 1 million, speak dirt, remedies that situation and before the end of the episode he is fit to take on a new mission.

Seems like we sometimes do get what we wish for. Or networks just know what’s good for their ratings. Or both. My fav new vamp is back. The annoying newly christened vamp from last week’s episode comes back home and lives with her dad, Bill. If she is too much for Eric the magnificent I can’t wait for next season to see her give Bill grey hair and more.

Speaking of next season social worker lady Maryann, played by the fabulous and hot Michelle Forbes, will be sticking around I assume. She seems to have quite a history with our resident shape shifter and lifeguard Sam. A scene in this episode also suggested she might be a shape shifter herself. Whatever her deal is I hope it will keep her around. With the new hottie vamp and the social worker, how do I get to move into her house, around ths hottie factor is up to two again. Looking very promising for next season.

The first season of True Blood is over and although this episode wasn’t as much fun as the previous one and could have been better in the awesomeness factor, especially since it is the season finale, it is setting up a lot for the next season. While I still don’t like Anna Paquin or her character with the two new characters mentioned above I have enough to keep me watching. Overall a good season. With it’s ups and downs it has a promising looking future and given the track record of Alan Ball I have the utmost confidence this show will rock as it progresses.

p.s. Seems like the character of Lafayette was killed of. Whether Bill fed on him, Maryann has something to do with it or my fav new vamp girl remains to be seen. Guess the painted toe nails hanging out of Andy’s car belong to our flamboyant drug dealer. Bon voyage Lafayette.


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