Posted by: da_nibbler | November 27, 2008

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Great music, great cast, script based on a successful broadway play. Let’s make the film. What could possibly go wrong? How about EVERYTHING!

This is a musical with great dancing music at its foundation. Who doesn’t know all these old ABBA songs? Yet having actors that can’t sing slaughter their music is cringe worthy. Borderline blasphemous is the lack of choreography in this film. This is a musical. It comes from the stage. The awesome dance numbers I was expecting were just not there. Seeing a great actress like Meryl Streep wringing her hands for four minutes, while singing a song to Pierce Brosnan’s character Sam, clearly not knowing what to do or feeling comfortable with the lack of choreography. Theatrically throwing her arms in all directions yet without any kind of motivation is just laughable.

I have to admit I went to see this film because of Meryl Streep and the music. Unfortunately the music mostly makes your ears bleed when people that can’t carry a tune kill some of the greatest songs. Meryl Streep does not get to do a whole lot in this film. While she is featured prominently, as she should be, her acting feels like that of a theater actor having been thrown into a film without preparation. Everything is over the top, borderline laughable and lacking any motivation. Feeling for any of the characters is quite a stretch. I had to keep myself from falling asleep. Only the odd music number would keep me awake.

Stereotypical characters, a silly story and stupid physical gags and double entendres is all this film has to offer. The best thing was the end credits and I was glad when it was finally over. What a waste of time, celluloid and big stars. Maybe going with nobodies that can actually sing and have a musical background would have been a better idea. The way it is this film is a pure waste. If you like the music of ABBA get their Greatest Hits album and listen to that. I can’t think of anyone who would enjoy this film unless you hate any of the stars involved and want to make fun of them. For that it is perfect. Everyone else stay clear!



  1. By now you must realise that you are in such a minority group! This review is laughable! How much did this movie gross worldwide and now again on DVD out just 2 days and already has made £1,3 million in the UK alone. This is a fun, warm, lighthearted film that lifts the spirit. The actors are not taking themselves seriously they are just having a ball! The stage show has very little choreography either so if you were there for the dance, it was never going to happen. Mamma Mia is fab!

  2. just because a film is making money doesn’t make it great. look at transformers as just one example (an the total opposite spectrum of Mamma Mia! filmwise). it is a warm and lighthearted film, but I eiher need well fleshed out characters or at least a decent story. all fuzzy wuzzy doesn’t do it for me (although I’m sure someone could bring up an example to prove me wrong). opinions differ, especially concerning certain films. thanks for commenting.

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