Posted by: da_nibbler | December 5, 2008

Why do I keep watching Ugly Betty?

My appreciation of this show changes almost every week. Sometimes I watch an episode and I am wondering why this isn’t my fav show on tv right now. But then again I watch an episode, or two or three, and I am wondering why I continue watching it. Depending on the episode I love or loathe the show and I have finally figured out what I love about it and what keeps me coming back.

Some of the characters are just brilliant. Well acted, well written and the Ugly Betty editing style is just that – style! Fresh and different. Add the quirky, funny music to the mix and you got some solid ingredients. But it is a few characters that make this show and while I like Betty, and America Ferrera playing her, the real highlight of this series are the smaller characters. Most notably in my opinion Marc, Amanda and the Scottish costume lady, whose name I can never remember.

These characters bring an energy and freshness to every episode that I can’t resist. They have been given more depth over the years, they have the funniest lines, are portrayed by amazing and to me totally unknown actors and complement the characters, and actors, they are working closest with. Betty’s family can be added to this list. Especially her sister and nephew, who are among the most flamboyant (aside from Marc), charismatic and sweet characters on the show.

I seriously seem to have a thing for minor characters and the supporting actors and actresses playing them. Granted these are usually the roles that are more daringly written and the actors are allowed to try more because frankly no one cares whether they turn unlikable for an episode or two. They are not the principals who are constantly under the pressure of having to be likable.

In the previous episode when Marc and Betty have their friendly exchange about YETI at the end I couldn’t help but root and feel for them. Through his charming portrayal of Marc Michael Urie has managed to turn his flamboyant, over the top superficial and borderline malignant character into one you root and feel for. The multiple personality disorder his character seems to go through make him one of the most, if not THE most interesting character on the show. The writers have latched on and so have the fans.

Annoying Amanda hasn’t quite gotten to the same level as Marc by now, but she gets more and more to do. Priceless direction letting her move in with Betty. Amanda gets some of the best lines thanks to the new living situation. Now if only we could get more of that nice, quirky Scottish lady. Thankfully she is back this week. I missed her. Speaking of which, I’m of to watch the latest episode.


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