Posted by: da_nibbler | December 7, 2008

Way too many games to play

…but who am I to complain about that. I love games. I consider myself a borderline addictive gamer. So far I have only been a PC gamer. A friend introduced me to the X-Box and Playstation consoles and now I even own a Wii, although I’m not a Nintendo fan. Never have and probably never will be. But I love the Wii Fit and that you actually get to play out the actions of the games you play. That’s kinda cool and new. And I like cool and new.

I haven’t really had a lot of experience with the consoles so far and I still consider myself a PC gamer. The controls are more to the point, I especially like to play ego-shooters, than on the consoles. Guess I need to get my head wrapped around it. Maybe the Wii isn’t the best thing to start with. But what the heck. It’s the one I have now.

Lately I have been playing lots. Mostly on my PC. I hadn’t played for almost a year and I don’t even remember what sparked my gaming addiction this time around, but I found myself finally playing and finishing an old game. Farcry. One of the best ego-shooters on the PC. The graphics, the story, the character, the stuff you get to do. It is awesome. Right up there with the Max Payne series, of which I have only played part one. Part two is still waiting on my hard-drive to get played.

With tons of films and tv shows to watch I don’t really find a lot of time for gaming and vice versa. Then there is the social life and the job, interfering with all my obsessions. Not that I mind the social life. But the job. Hell yeah I mind.

So what have I been playing lately? I still have Doom 3 on my system ready to be played, yet I have never made it past the first two levels. Always something else interfering. At the moment the “something else” is another game. A friend of mine got me Halflife 2, one of the not-so-old-classics for the PC, and I am totally obsessed with it. I stay up until three or five am, sleep a few hours and get right back into the game. Guess my therapist would call that obsessive gaming. Hence I don’t tell her. Yay for the anonymity of the net.

I have been playing the Tomb Raider Underworld demo and now need to get the game. Apparently the older Tomb Raider Legend plays into the new Underworld so I am playing that one right now before getting the new one. You can never have too much Lara Croft!

Speaking of new games, I am one of the unlucky bastards that was stupid enough to immediately go out and buy GTA 4 for the PC. Just in case you haven’t heard GTA 4 is the game causing the most problems on player’s systems ever. Given all the crap you need to install and have running to even be able to run the damn game is ridiculous and no surprise really that so many people are experiencing problems even on high end systems. All that cos Rockstar and all the other companies are pissing their pants cos of piracy. Thanks to such protection measures I am not surprised people pirate software. I am still regretting paying all that money for a game I can’t play despite having all the system requirements, even the recommended ones. Their lameass attempts at trying to rectify the problems are laughable. I hope they are already working on a patch, but given how much is wrong with this game it should not even have been released yet. More bugs than a new windows version and that is saying something.

Okay, enough ranting. I’m off to blow some people’s heads of to make me feel better. Probably also something I shouldn’t tell my therapist. Given the widespread belief that every gamer that plays violent games is just about to run amuck any second and everyone who ever killed someone did so cos of games I don’t really feel like telling anyone about this. Did I already say yay for the internet?


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