Posted by: da_nibbler | December 8, 2008

Do we really need to photoshop Jessica Alba?

Technology is amazing. All the stuff we can do nowadays by a small click of the mouse. Oversimplified, I know. But given the right programs and training (I’m a do-it-yourself, learning-by-doing kinda of person) everyone can photoshop pictures and make them look “real”. Since everyone knows about it and most people even know how to do it, why do we still DO it?

To make everything and everyone look amazing. I get that. It’s not like I don’t photoshop my pictures, especially ones with myself in it. But that’s because I don’t look like Jessica Alba or Brad Pitt or whoever you think is gorgeously stunning. Us normal people need some photoshopping help to look good. Celebrities are just normal people as well, with a lot of money and a few excentricities. Everyone without a professional hair and make-up person is quite normal looking. But there are still the lookers, like Brad Pitt and Jessica Alba for example. Given their amazingly worked-out bodies do they seriously need the digital help for magazine covers etc.?

Apparently they do. Jessica Alba did a photoshoot for the new Campari calendar 2009 recently. Of course I had to immediately take a look. No one could have prepared me for the artificiality that stared back at me. Nothing natural or beautiful about the photos. Just sterile, digitally altered results of a photoshoot with Jessica Alba. All I wanted was to look at the photos before someone opened them in photoshop.

Seems like I wasn’t the only one thinking that. The Bad & Ugly has uploaded two before and after pics of Jessica Alba from the Campari calendar shoot. Why do we need to “beautify” a gorgeous woman like Jessica Alba through digital alterations?

The results are hideous. She looks like Jessica Rabbit, the archetypical sexy woman with a body that is beyond realistic. While I most definitely cherish and admire a sexy female body I want it to be realistic. What good does an artificial photo do me? Going out I will never find a woman that looks like that. If we even have to digitally altered hot and sexy Jessica Alba what does the “normal” woman down the street think of herself? Who looks like a cartoon character? Are we completely losing our mind? And what is going on in the heads of publishing editors that they need to have photos “fixed” like that to sell more copies?


  1. That’s why women have such poor body images…

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