Posted by: da_nibbler | December 11, 2008

First Valkyrie review

Todd McCarthy has posted his Valkyrie review over at Variety. It is the first one I have found and it is an interesting read.

The way he describes the film makes it almost sound like one of the documentaries we used to watch in High School. Totally unemotional, focusing only on the facts, checking them of an invisible list in an almost monotone fashion, is not exactly how to go about engaging the viewer.

Having most of the important scenes shot on the actual locations gives the production a big appeal. Not from an entertainment, but a historical point of view this film sounds very interesting. Unfortunately the script doesn’t give any of the characters enough depth. Everyone and everything seems to only be there to further the story of how exactly the almost assassination of Hitler came about and took place.

Overall the film doesn’t seem to be able to really grab the audience, probably mostly because the characters have no complexity and depth and we as the audience are just not that invested in a story told in a way we read history books in school. Plus we already know the end of the story.

After reading his review I am less enclined to go and check this film out, but I still will. Because I am a history buff, especially the World Wars, and I want to see for myself, maybe not necessarily on Christmas, what Singer has done with the source material.


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