Posted by: da_nibbler | December 12, 2008

South of Nowhere episode 3.15 (aka 4.07)

Is Aiden a superhero? Is he unbreakable? Is he the cheerleader they had to save on Heroes? Whatever it is Aiden is unbreakable.

Remember the end of the previous episode where Aiden went for a ride on his motorcycle and a car slammed into him? Or the other way around. I honestly don’t remember who was at fault. But it doesn’t really matter cos Aiden is perfectly fine. Oh sorry, he got a little bump on the head. But other than that he is fine.

Paula can’t believe it. And neither can I. Of course Aiden got dumped at her ER and she treated him so she could immediately take him home to stay with the Carlins until his parents return. The shock of seeing him without a scratch and in all his miraculous glory is too much for her. Unfortunately Aiden overhears her telling her husband and now seems to want to try out everything the hot cheerleader on Heroes did. Thank God Kyla is still there and now that she has her brain back she is trying to keep Aiden from harm and his stupid self. She even tells him he is no Superman. Somehow he looked hurt when she said that. Go on, Aiden. Jump off a crane at a construction site or rescue people out of a fire. Do something for a change.

Now onto the interesting happenings of the episode.

Ashley is finally overcoming her stage fright and sings at Ego (where else?). But Spencer isn’t there. She is disturbing Carmen folding the laundry at Ashley and Kyla’s pad. Now if my housemate was doing the chores I’d be happier to see them. Carmen tells Spencer Ashley will be back soon so Spencer stays. The two have an awkward talk about Spencer’s new documentary obsession. Carmen sort of apologises for roughing Spencer up that night. You know, back at the beginning of this season, sometime last year, when Carmen slammed Spencer lovingly into a wall. As always Spencer forgives. That’s just who she is. Then Ashley storms through the door all happy and bouncy after her gig. Spencer is hurt cos Ashley didn’t tell her about it and she couldn’t be there. Trying to explain Ashley calls Spencer’s documentary her “little project“. Spencer is immediately pissed of and leaves. But not before asking Carmen to leave and give them some space and Ashley taking the opportunity to talk trash about Carmen to which she only replies “OK…I’m actually still in the room!” Priceless.

Thanks to Ashley’s gig at Ego Ethan the manager is talking to her again. He is interested in her songs. Unfortunately for Ashley he doesn’t really have her in mind for singing them. While she is still trying to recover from that blow Ethan brings in the big guns. The REALLY big guns. Madison enters. Tadda!

As expected a bitch fight ensues. The best scene of the entire episode, maybe the entire season is unfolding before my eyes. And I am loving every second of it. Madison, where have you been girl? I missed you. Good to have you back.

On the other side of town Spencer is trying to get her dad to help Carmen. Arthur is not amused to hear about said Carmen pushing his beloved precious little girl into a wall. But the social worker inside him wins. While at home we also find out Spencer has been accepted into Worthington. Guess Ashley is not going to be too happy about this. Spencer seems to agree.

Especially when she finds her girlfriend in the arms of her former girlfriend. Carmen is consoling Ashley after the Madison debacle. Lesbians can be really weird. Ashley switches laps (from Carmen to Spencer) and whines about Ethan and Madison. But instead of getting some support from Spencer she tells her it is a great idea. Carmen and Ashley are shocked. But Spencer actually has a point. If you want to get your music out there having another artist sing will work just as fine, maybe even better. Carmen likens it more to someone getting her paintings and then selling them as their own.

Next thing you know Madison knocks on Ashley’s door after getting her call. The long short of all the apologizing and chitty chat is the two will be working together. Ashley wrote a few new songs specifically for Madison so she won’t be singing Ashley’s personal songs. All is good in the world again. But I prefered it when they were bitching and raving and pulling each other’s hair. Damn civility.

Spencer is agreeing with me yet again not liking what she sees when she walks into Ashley’s pad. Not only is Carmen staying, but worse, she will be creating the artwork for Madison’s album that Ashley is writing. The three are a team now. What just happened?

After all this hoopla I seriously need a breather. Only one more episode to go. How will it end?


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