Posted by: da_nibbler | December 15, 2008

Stay Away From The Spirit?

The first review for Frank Miller’s The Spirit is online. Posted by AICN I don’t think I have ever read a more severely negative review in my life. It’s a safe read, not spoiling anything. It reveals little about the film.

You can read the whole review here. If you don’t mind ranting it is a very interesting read. I will wait for some more reviews until I decide whether I really want to go and see this at the theater. Maybe DVD will have to do.

Here is a little excerpt:

Ugh. I’m tired of this already. The MO isn’t really the MO after all. He’s just the sap that came up with the idea, wrote the script, convinced Lionsgate to finance (I could be wrong about this, I have no idea who actually came up with the cash for this thing…and honestly, I don’t really care. Lionsgate released it; they get the blame), and then “directed” it.

The real Main Offender here is the company that thought this was good. Thought this was worthy of your twelve bucks. Because they, my friends, are assholes. That’s all it comes down to. They MUST know that this movie is a piece of shit…I mean, it is so bad they literally HAVE to know how bad it is, no matter how cynical you are about the intelligence level of Hollywood producers. Which means that they think so little of the movie-going public that they’ll drop this bomb on us and just expect us to go see it “‘cause it looks like Sin City.”

We’re smarter than that. Which, I think, by default, makes us smarter than them.

Have a look at The Spirit special over at Blackfilm for clips.


  1. wow. pretty shocked to read such a negative review on the spirit. I liked sin city and 300, so I’ll still check it out.

    Oh yea, please help my friends and I resolve one of our many arguements at:

    I’d really appreciate it.

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