Posted by: da_nibbler | December 15, 2008

South of Nowhere Finale Webisodes

I just found out that there are two webisodes that take place after the big finale of South of Nowhere.

Entitled The Day After and Five Years Later I am not sure why they had to be added. The finale is fine the way it is in my opinion. The horribly written and badly acted, edited and what not webisodes were apparently supposed to give the fans what they want and enhance the finale we have seen on The N.

After watching both webisodes I have to wholeheartedly disagree. South of Nowhere would have had a better ending without them. See the cheese for yourselves.

The Day After

Five Years Later



  1. The day after and five years later sucked. If the writers did not want the girls to be together in the finale they should have written it thyat way and not look for a straight out.

  2. what are you talking about they did stay together. ?????

  3. What is so bad?? Ashley and Spencer had a baby together… I though it was cute 🙂

  4. yeah the five years later sucks

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