Posted by: da_nibbler | December 31, 2008

The New Year is almost upon us

And with that return our beloved tv shows, we get films we have been waiting for forever (although for the really interesting ones we have to wait yet a bit longer) and all kinds of news items we would like to live without.

What’s on the horizon that I’m interested in?

All I can think of right now are tv shows. I just finished a marathon of the latest season of Battlestar Galactica and Lost to get ready for the new seasons starting in January. Nothing beats re-watching a cool show to get ready for some more.

Here is a little overview when some shows (my favs) return:

Stargate Atlantis: Jan. 2

Desperate  Housewives: Jan. 4

Damages: Jan. 7

30 Rock: Jan. 8

Ugly Betty: Jan. 8

24: Jan. 11 (double episode!)

Battlestar Galactica: Jan. 16

The L Word: Jan. 18

Lost: Jan. 21

Life: Jan. 31 (double episode!)

Heroes: Feb. 2

Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Feb. 13

Anyone as excited as me about the holidays being over? Okay, okay… like Liz Lemon once said, don’t throw “nothing that plugs in, guys, nothing that can hurt me!”


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