Posted by: da_nibbler | January 5, 2009

Desperate Housewives is back

When I watched the latest episode of Desperate Housewives just now I had to re-watch almost the complete previous episode to remind me what has happened last. The hiatus was a bit too long for my old brain. But at least I got to see cute little MJ wreaking havoc all around his possible future stepmother again. There is just nothing better than seeing a four-year-old rejoice seeing his divorced parents holding hands at the bowling alley only to be separated when above mentioned possible future stepmother needs her boyfriend (the dad) to help her bowl. Cute little boys taking care of their mommies don’t like that and following the rulebook MJ smashes his bowling ball on possible future stepmother’s foot. Ouch. Priceless moment. The cuteness factor was upped with more scenes with cute little MJ, his hot mom Teri Hatcher and incoming Rocky Roads and smashing bowling balls.

So how were they thinking of topping that with last night’s episode? I guess they didn’t really. Although one major stand out moment, with the always hilarious Teri Hatcher, was when Bob, one of the gay neighbors, comes to Susan’s house to ask about his partner’s whereabouts last night. Susan is having one of her Susan moments and thinks she and Lee, Bob’s partner, had sex the previous night when they got wasted and ended up in Susan’s bed. Susan had just confided about the incident to Gabby, who is still present in the kitchen and in earshot of the conversation, when Bob says “…when he’s got a few drinks in him he’ll bang anything with a pulse and facial hair. Gabby cracks up uncontrollably, Susan gives one of her Susan faces and throws a box at Gabby and the viewers need to take a break cos they just peed themselves. Hilarious!

Thank God the Holidays are finally over.


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