Posted by: da_nibbler | January 10, 2009

Eagle Eye

I have read reviews of this film and know how bad it was received by audiences. Everyone told me it was a doozy. My expectations must have been extremely low thanks to that, because I quite enjoyed this film when I finally watched it.

Granted it is not highly complicated to predict the plot and the twist, happening after half of the film as to who or what that so far disembodied voice is, turns out to be quite a letdown. To sum it all up, we have all seen this before a million times. Nothing new here. The plot. The action. The characters. The twist. The ending. Even the alternate ending. It has all been done before. But contrary to lots of other people I still enjoyed this film. Just make sure to leave your brain at the door, then pop some corn, get a soda and lean back in a comfy armchair for some stupid entertainment. We can’t always watch high brow character pieces. We have to give our brains a rest every now and then and when better to do it than at the movies.

Eagle Eye is an entertaining, yet ridiculous and predictable ride. If you can get past that come aboard.


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