Posted by: da_nibbler | January 20, 2009

Another Death On Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives gets a lot of great guest stars. Not of the 30 Rock stunt casting variety, more of a bonus add-on kind. Last time I saw Beau Bridges was in the last few seasons of Stargate SG-1 as the CO of Stargate Command. Now he is on Desperate Housewives playing sweet and genuine Eli Scruggs.

As is usual for Desperate Housewives the teaser always has something major happening that sets up the rest of the episode.

“Eli Scruggs was the handiest of all handymen. You could ask any of his customers and they would tell you there was nothing he couldn’t fix…but sadly the man who had fixed so many things for the residents of Wisteria Lane was now about to break their hearts”

How ironic dying on your last day of work. Major bummer. Great idea to bring in someone like Beau Bridges, kill him off instantly and then reveal his sweet, genuine character through flashbacks. Flashbacks that show us something new about every single main character on the show.

Amazingly written as well. Just as an example, in one of the flashbacks Gaby talks to Mary-Alice and says

“it’s like putting a gun to your head.”

Hilarious. More of these poignant moments from their pasts are revealed through the characters remembering Eli in their life.

The funniest bit for me was Lynette being pregnant for the 100th time. Already having contractions while on the phone locking down a new job, her husband slithering on her water that just broke and going into a frenzy trying to wring the phone from her hands, all she says in typical Lynette dead-pan-voice:

“I swear if you touch this phone I will have this baby right here and then beat you with it!”

Did I mention how great the writing is. You could hand Felicity Huffman a blank paper with an ink stain on it and she would still make that shine.

And last but certainly not least we get something special. A flashback with THE desperate housewife, Mary-Alice. It’s always good to see the usually disembodied voice take form. We are taken to THE most defining moment of her life.

Overall a very sappy episode, but the flashbacks were great. Seeing our housewives as their old selves was a nice change. I still can’t get over that Lynette line.


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