Posted by: da_nibbler | January 20, 2009

Depressing Battlestar Galactica

How do you add to the excitement and fun that is watching football? You add a promo for a show with hot chicks and great storytelling within a Sci Fi setting. Boy was I glad when I finally saw the promos for Battlestar Galactica being back Friday night. The long wait was going to be over soon, I would get my six fix (that’s not where I got the name from btw) and all would be right with the world, if only for an hour.

My expectations aside I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the assault of depression I was embraced by while watching the season opener. Depressing is one word to describe this latest episode. It was the first that came to mind after I was done. As soon as I got over that I could finally appreciate all the setup that we got in the episode as well. A whole lot of fraking stuff has happened. Where to begin….

The Galactica has finally reached Earth only to find it completely destroyed, water and earth are radioactive. The planet was nuked 2000 years ago to be precise. The Cylons and Humans are devastated. Morale is at an all time low.

Starbuck went off to go after the origin of that signal everyone was following. Why she is the only one that is interested in that is never explained. Wouldn’t you want to find out exactly what signal you were just following on a wild goose chase through the cosmos? I know I would.

She and her Cylon pet find the origin of the signal which turns out to be Starbucks original Viper. In it we find a human corpse that turns out to be Starbuck. So who or what is the Starbuck that got us here? She understandably is having a freaky meltdown. As soon as her Cylon pet realizes that Starbuck is the corpse in the Viper he runs from the still living Starbuck. Someone’s freaked. Starbuck burns herself (her corpse) in a Darth Vader like pyre. Getting rid of the evidence?

We get to see Dee again. Don’t really remember what happened to her or why she wasn’t really in the first 10 episodes of Season four to begin with. But seeing her now made me think we would have to say goodbye to her again rather soonish. And turns out I was right. She, like so many others, can’t handle the truth about Earth being a scorched, lifeless planet. Hope has evaporated. So she puts a bullet between her gorgeous eyes. I wonder who is going to be next.

Adama goes mental after seeing Dee in med bay. Rushing over to Saul’s quarters he is trying to rile him up so the Cylon will shoot him. Which of course he doesn’t so all he can do is fall apart. Everyone has a death wish now that finding Earth has extinguished all hope.

The Cylon-Human science team down on the planet finds out that the 13th tribe, Earth, was Cylon. All remains, formerly presumed to be human, turn out to be of Cylon origin. How is that for a newsflash?! At least it explains why the final five have been to Earth before. I always had a hard time with them being Cylons. Why would they have been on Earth? No one in the series ever questioned that part. Now that the 13th tribe turned out to be Cylon it makes sense. Some questions answered, thousand new ones pop up.

What else happened?

Roslin goes straight back to her quarters after the initial planet fall to start burning that prophecy book. She is not amused.

Tyrol has a flashback to dying in a nuclear blast, Anders hears music again and remembers to have played it and Tory remembers him playing. How they are still alive after 2000 years, not remembering being Cylons at first and ending up on the colonies – I hope we get everything answered by the end of these 10 episodes.

At the end of this week’s episode the Galactica is getting ready to leave Earth behind. Looking for another home somewhere among the stars. Deanna is staying behind. She has had enough. I sure hope this wasn’t the last time we see Lucy Lawless on this show. Not getting my six fix on this episode, the few cameos don’t count, was bad enough. We can’t have a Battlestar Galactica episode without all the hotties.

All in all an interesting episode with lots happening. Depressing in nature, but a great setup and stepping stone to the finale. Can’t wait for next Friday.


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