Posted by: da_nibbler | January 21, 2009

Max Payne

As I blogged about when the film hit theaters I was really keen on seeing this I am a huge fan of the video game. But given the negative reviews, the lack of Mark Wahlberg’s acting abilities in general and the fact that video game adaptations don’t have the best track record to begin with I waited for the DVD release. On the positive side, at least Uwe Boll didn’t direct this one. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to make this into a decent flick.

Now that the DVD is out I finally got around to watching Max Payne. Expectations were on a very low level. But I was still disappointed. Or more so validated in my preconceived opinion on the film without ever having seen it before.

Mark Wahlberg’s acting was as expected – not very convincing. Although all he had to do in the film was look stern and pissed off and scream at the top of his lungs every now and then. He got that down in a decent manner, what was really lacking was the script and direction. Throughout watching this film I felt like the director had been given a checklist with characters and locations from the video game. And all he did was check them off in the right order and thought he’d have a film to present afterwards. Well he did have a film to present, unfortunately a total failure that doesn’t even come remotely close to capturing the brilliant atmosphere the game had.

If you want to experience Max Payne, get a really good story, character and voice actors, head on over to Youtube and search for Max Payne Walkthrough. You will find video clips chronicling the complete game with all cut scenes, which is far superior to this film. The only thing the game was lacking that the film had was two hot chicks. Or let’s say the film had the hotter Mona Sax version.

Overall impression: Do not even rent this one. Play the game. I am still grateful that Uwe Boll didn’t direct this film, but am seriously praying there won’t be a sequel despite the scene after the credits. STAY AWAY!

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