Posted by: da_nibbler | January 26, 2009

Dyke Drama (aka The L Word episode 6.02)

All this dyke drama is going on, but I am still laughing ever since I have seen the weird hair growth on Max’s face. Is that a parasite trying to take over his body or just some of the worst make-up ever seen? Either way it is hilarious and a nice change of pace from all the debby-downer-dyke-drama that is still going on seemingly without any chance of getting resolved. As if last week’s episode wasn’t already depressing enough – not just for the plot, but the lackluster dialogue and unemotional, dull acting on most parts – the “black hole of Calcutta” is growing at an exponential rate.

And this week the show doesn’t have the luxury of having Lucy Lawless on, which was by far  THE highlight of last week’s season premiere. What do we have this time around to make up for the crappy storyline, silly dialogue and unmotivated performances? Read below the cut…

This week The L Word gives us something we really want. Joyce Wischnia aka Jane Lynch! Her popping out from behind that plant in Phyllis’s office, scaring the hell out of Bette and the rest of the audience – as well as emergency services that got called to several incidents where loud screams were heard all over the US – was perfectly timed and priceless. That is one hell of a way to make a marriage proposal. You might not get the answer you want, but you will make a lasting impression for sure. Can there ever be too much Jane Lynch? No! That woman is hilarity on two legs.

Unfortunately we also get more tedious Alice and Tasha drama. That’s one way to bring back Dan Foxworthy. We all missed him so much. No, actually we didn’t. More importantly what happened to Alice? She is annoying and selfish. Okay, it is The L Word, but haven’t we had enough personality changes over the years?

To balance that out we get Elizabeth Berkley coming in as an old college friend of Bette’s, Kelly Wentworth. Let’s hope we don’t get even more Bette-Tina-drama than we already had to endure throughout this shows previous five seasons. Don’t you just hate it when your girlfriend runs into an old friend – or ex, lover, one-night-stand, affair, insert whatever you can think of – and doesn’t even think of introducing you while you’re standing around trying to get either ones attention? Awkward and uncomfortable. Poor Tina. But Bette makes it up to her as soon as they reach their home. Unfortunately we are not privy to much of what is happening. They were off to a very good start. Who doesn’t like two hot chicks in even hotter black lingerie?

And last but certainly not least we have some season three hotness returning in the sexy shape and fabulous form of Alexandra Hedison. Helena’s big weakness is back burning holes into the dance floor of Hit club with her smoldering dance moves. “Of all the gin joints in all the world…” thank the makers she went into Hit club. Let the Dylan-Helena fabulousness resume.

Alice bringing Tasha up to speed on all the Dylan-Helena-history is a great scene. Helena constantly has to correct what Alice says because our favorite gossip girl exaggerates and makes the story shine in the brightest of colors. The best response to all this comes from Tasha with her “Want me to kick her ass?” which Helena absentmindedly declines. She already has her mind set on going after Dylan and giving her some well deserved words and beat the crap out of her. Okay, it was only a push, but boy is Helena different. Guess that’s what jail does to you.

The real shocker this week that everyone saw coming from five miles away – other than Max, the FTM, being pregnant – was Shane and Jenny finally hooking up. After my initial gag reflex was gone, the nausea subsided and I had assured my roommates they didn’t need to call 911 I still consider this one of the worst couplings ever. The reactions by some of the other characters on the show in the teaser for next week’s episode sums it up nicely.

Thank God this episode is over. It was better than last week’s, but still not great. At least we had some hilarious laughs counteracting the shockers in this episode, although I still think Max’s facial parasite was not supposed to be funny. But it still is.



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