Posted by: da_nibbler | January 28, 2009

Trouble For Ugly Betty Averted?

The troubled waters for Ugly Betty (blogged about here) might be clearer than they appeared.

According to Ausiello the situation concerning the signature ABC show doesn’t seem as dire as we thought:

“Not nearly as dire as I first thought. Shortly after my story posted, several very trustworthy ABC insiders came forward to assure me that the perception is much worse than the reality in this case. The reality, they say, is it’s highly unlikely that Betty will be forced to close out its third season in June, as the network’s ominously worded press release seemed to suggest. And regarding next season, two of the three sources I queried seemed very confident that Betty would be back next season. The third one ignored that part of my question and proceeded to pump me for scoop on House. Bottom line: Phew.”

Confident that Betty will be back next season. I am glad to hear that.

Adding to all that are some news as to what’s next for Betty. Like, let’s say, a new love interest:

“Do you consider Feb. 19 to be in the near future? ‘Cause that’s when Daniel Eric Gold debuts as Betty’s new love interest, Matt. Word is the YETI hottie is concealing a major secret, and it’s not that he’s loaded (although he isn’t terribly forthcoming about that bit, either).”

Bring on the next episode!



  1. I am so happy to hear that! But there are still steps we should take to help keep it on like
    sign this petition:
    and tell abc:

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