Posted by: da_nibbler | January 30, 2009

Right At Your Door

One of people’s worst fears is realized as a chemical attack on Los Angeles puts a husband in search for his wife, who was near the attack, only to have to return to his home and to forced inactivity as he desperately tries to hear of her whereabouts.

Sealed shut in his home and kept in the dark by the powers that be, like every other normal citizen, all he has are the news reports he hears over the radio. When all of a sudden his prayers are answered and his wife appears at the front door.

The irony is heartbreaking as he is forced to leave her outside in her shocked and toxic condition in order to not get exposed to the deadly chemicals himself. All he wants is to be with her and he would just tear down his airtight exile for her if there wasn’t the neighbor’s handyman to consider, who had sought refuge from the deadly ashes in the house earlier.

The film plays almost like an intimate theater play with the husband and wife, Lexi and Brad, taking up almost all the screen time in the confined stage that is their home. Every now and then director Chris Gorak reminds the audience of what is happening and at stake when we go beyond the airtight-sealed home.

Throughout the film we are privy to some of the best, no-holds-barred acting I have seen in a long time. I constantly had to remind myself that I was just watching a film. The gritty realism of the scenario paired with the bare emotions of the actors makes for some gut-wrenching scenes, one of them being Lexi getting a call from her mom and brother. The hopelessness of the conversation, the need to do something, to make your loved ones be save, to at least do something to help and yet you can’t realizes one of the most horrific fears people have.

What profound things can you tell someone that is about to die? What would you tell someone during your last conversation with them? There is only one thing that it all boils down to in the end and that is “I love you.”

I am not surprised Lions Gate picked this film up at Sundance in 2006. A well rounded thriller that never loses its grasp on reality. The plot twist at the end is not as surprising as it is well acted, filmed and especially edited. It is definitely a must see. Highly recommended!


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