Posted by: da_nibbler | January 31, 2009

The Rebellion Has Begun! (BSG ep 4.13)

Scheming. Conspiring. Backstabbing. That’s the new theme on Battlestar Galactica.

A rebellion is about to erupt. The fire that has almost been extinguished in the past is about to burst into flame, to shine brighter than ever before.

In this week’s episode (episode 13) Gaeta is conspiring with the Vice President, President Roslin still doesn’t want anything to do with her office or politics at all and Adama has seriously had it with the civilians not following his command like the good little soldiers they should be, but just aren’t.

Galactica is a powder keg about to explode. And explode it finally does this episode. Even as the most pacifist civilian there comes the time when you’ve had it. You’ve had it so bad that the most lethargic couch potato gets his butt in gear. And sometimes that change we want can only be achieved by force. So no surprise to see civilians arming themselves, suppressed issues rising to the surface as the power shifts and all hell breaks loose aboard the Galactica. The rebellion has officially started.

The Cylon hate has gripped everyone and certain people remind us of what had happened aboard the Pegasus with their resident Cylon in season two. It doesn’t look good as the rebels round up Cylon after Cylon, throwing them in the brigg to be tortured for their amusement later. Meanwhile Starbuck and Apollo blast their way through to CIC, where Gaeta is finally showing his colors arresting Adama for treason.

The sides have been chosen, Gaeta is now in command while Roslin is finally taking up the mantle of presidency once more trying to get through to the fleet with the help of Starbuck and Apollo.

All our counter insurgency teams meet in the end about to depart for the Cylon flagship. Roslin and Baltar are making a run for it as Adama orders Starbuck, Apollo and Tyrol back the way they came and readies a last stand with Colonel Tigh to hold off the rebels.

Now Gaeta is crossing a line that cannot be uncrossed. He gives the order to open fire on the escaping Raptor. Never mind the innocent casualties this insurgence has already cost, but now he is ordering the destruction of an unknown number of people. Mr. Gaeta, you have officially crossed a line and I’m sure the firing squad will be happy to take aim at your rebellious head. Let me pull that trigger, just please let me. Gaeta is definitely made out to be the bad guy here, but one can’t help but see his point of view and why he does what he does as well. It’s just how he goes about this rebellion that doesn’t sit well with me and I’m sure won’t be remembered fondly by the Galactica crew either. You can already see the doubt on his fellow rebel’s faces as he gives an order no one in their right mind could follow through. It’s not about the big picture, Mr. Gaeta. It’s all about the details. It is not WHAT but HOW you do what you do.

As you can see lots of stuff happened in this episode. Former friends turn into enemies, you don’t know who you can trust anymore. I think Starbuck summed it up nicely when she told Adama:

“They are not your men anymore. They are the enemy.”

This show really reminds me of my all time favorite tv show Babylon 5, another science fiction show that was ahead of its time (aired in the nineties) and would probably be a huge hit if it aired now. What will be get when Battlestar Galactica has run its course? Only seven more episodes until the end.

p.s. Where is Six? I know we saw her briefly, all bruised up again in the brigg. This show just isn’t as cool without all the hot Cylons, especially Six.


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