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LMFAO (aka The L Word episode 6.03)

For once I am doing a full on recap so without further ado….

Tina is next in line in wanting to kill Jenny as she finds out the the film neg has been stolen out of the lab and Aaron thinks only Jenny could be crazy enough to do that and since Tina is Jenny’s friend she has to get it back no matter what. “Fucking Jenny, I’m going to fucking kill you!”

Then it is the viewers turn to want to kill someone. Namely the person that is responsible for that hideous title song, that hasn’t been changed or at least enhanced since Season Two.

The killing urge is substituted by the overwhelming urge to throw up as we witness Jenny and Shane in bed together. Could this coupling be any more wrong? I don’t think so. I also think hell just froze over and a pig flew past my window. The world is officially coming to an end and we are only less than five minutes into this episode.

In my opinion Shane just fucked Jenny out of guilt and because Jenny had confessed her love for Shane at the end of last week’s episode. After offering to crawl through glass Shane probably thought fucking Jenny might be easier and less painful. That remains to be seen.

Alice comes by for a visit so Jenny can give her notes on her treatment. The way the camera zooms in accompanied by the eerie music and the look on Alice’s face as she realizes what had happened the previous night in that house, the Alice blinking several times – hilariously underscored musically – priceless! I almost missed the little reference of Shane going to do Eric Mabius’s hair. Eric Mabius was on The L Word in Season One playing Jenny’s then boyfriend Tim.

Alice deals rather well with it. “Shit, shit, shit” followed by “ohhhhhh, oh my god, ohhhh, oh my god”. Trampling her feet on the ground, trying to get a grip she retreats into the bathroom immediately pulling out her phone. That’s when the news-hits-everyone montage starts and it is hilarious. First of we have Helena at the gym falling of the treadmill, next is Tina getting pitched a seemingly boring film idea going “what the fuck?!”, Tasha just shakes her head “oh man, Alice…”, then Bette cracks up laughing in a dean meeting, last is Kit, who is overwhelmed by 21st-century technology and asks why her phone is buzzing and what a text message is (wtf?). The title of the episode is LMFAO. And this definitely was LMFAO.

Alice continues to spy on Jenny and Shane, relaying everything to Helena who is on the phone with her. Nothing could say it better than Alice going “Ewwwwww, ewwwww!” when Jenny and Shane kiss. I have been having that gag reflex ever since that pairing was hinted at. EWWW! Helena jumps up and down saying “oh my god that’s disgusting!” like a little kid after just chiding Alice for being childish. It’s hilarious.

Bette and Jodi have another showdown as Bette asks her to resign. Jodi won’t so Bette is threatening to fire her to which Jodi shows a bring-it-on/Dawn-Denbo attitude. This will get ugly really fast. Sexual harassment at the workplace anyone? Bette Porter? Okay, never mind.

Jenny is being an ass working with Alice on her treatment. Her ego is boosting her so high she is literally crashing through the ceiling, leaving debris everywhere. Oh Jenny…. Jenny? Tina is at the door and wants to kill you, I mean get that neg off you. You home? Oh right, you’re busy ripping Alice’s story idea to shreds, kicking her ego to the curb and pouncing it into oblivion. Sorry, I forgot.

Unlike expected Jenny is having a fit as she finds out the neg is gone. But not after giving Tina a hard time and then having a hard time understanding what the problem is. Oh Jenny… why do you always think you know everything when you actually know nothing at all. “Who cares whether the negative was stolen. The editor has it on her computer.” OH MY GAWD! Someone kill her NOW!

Shane is trying to justify the Jenny thing to Alice. Good thing she tries it over food. Bad stuff always goes down better with food.

Bette does her usual Bette-routine and comes rushing into Phyllis’s office, guns blazing. Unfortunately Jodi is already present and accounted for. Ooops. Phyllis is trying to mediate with rather aggressive means: “When you entered into a sexual relationship with a subordinate, as you refer to her, you relinquished your right to fire her. Because that’s what’s called sexual harassment.” Phyllis doesn’t leave Bette an option other than to continue to work with Jodi. Eat that, Dean Porter!

We are treated to another Jenny-Shane scene as Jenny rushes into Shane’s bedroom with the news of just having completed her new treatment. I wonder where the idea, uhm inspiration, came from all of a sudden? I continue thinking about that question and all possible answers I can come up with to get the immediately following imagery of Jenny and Shane making out in bed out of my head. Unfortunately I was not successful. Can I sue Showtime and Ilene Chaiken for psychological trauma?

Alice is back on The Look. But contrary to her usual fun filled segment she reads a letter about a hate crime. The Look meets PSA. Who would have thought? Thanks Ilene Chaiken for incorporating the news into your show. I am afraid that The L Word will probably not reach the people that should hear that PSA. But thanks for trying.

Tina is getting into even deeper shit at Shaolin, while Phyllis is trying to get Bette to resign instead of Jodi. Asking that over drinks will probably make it go over better. Lesbians do know how to deal out bad news. First food, now drinks. I got to write this down… Seems like Bette and Tina will be looking for new jobs together. Doing things together is so much more fun. Speaking of fun, the real fun part of Bette and Phyllis’s scene was Phyllis confessing her attraction for Bette. The way the dialogue was set up who honestly didn’t see this coming? But it was hilarious nonetheless. Especially Bette almost choking on a peanut. Indeed LMFAO.

Helena gets flowers from Dylan. Apparently not for the first time. First she wants to throw them out, but then finds a better use for it. Going green is THE thing to do right now so Helena recycles the flowers and uses them on a blond chick at the counter. Writing this one down too.

Meanwhile Alice is trying o figure out what to wear to a meeting she thinks she will get fired at for reading the hate crime letter on The Look. An important phone call gets her mind off things and Tasha and her go to the Gay and Lesbian Center, where Alice is needed to talk a suicidal teen, aka the letter writer, off a ledge.

At HIT club Tasha tells everyone how proud she is of her Alice and being her girlfriend. Saving the world one gay teen at a time can have its perks. Kit apparently never figured out how to read that text Alice sent her since she almost had a heart attack seeing Jenny and Shane making out in the car. Someone welcome that lady to the 21st century and its technology. Bette is telling everyone about her encounter with Phyllis when Kit crashes the “ohhhhh” and “ewwwww” moment thinking she is breaking some hot news about Jenny and Shane. Everyone cracks up laughing as Shane joins them at their little round table. It doesn’t get any better when Jenny plops down her ass, sparking another round of laughter culminating in hysterics when Shane makes a rather obvious exit right after Jenny.

As DJ Sunset Boulevard is working his drag queen charme on Kit on the dance floor, Shane and Jenny finally kiss out in the open, in public, for everyone to see. Speaking of everyone, who are the VIPs in the background of Jenny and Shane? Kit and Helena, the owners of the club, and their closest friends sit down on the main level and not in the VIP lounge? So who is VIP enough to be let in said VIP lounge? Inquisitive minds want to know.

Bette and Tina crack up in hysteric laughter once more as we swoop down from the kissing couple, lingering on nearly-dying-of-laughter Bette and Tina and fade to black.

What an episode. This is the best so far this season. Totally deserving of its title it cracked me up. Whether the writers and producers thought we needed that little interlude after all that heavy drama of the first two episodes or whether they will continue like this remains to be seen. For the first time this season I am really excited about next week’s episode. It’s on!



  1. OMG!! Did you SEE the look on Alice’s face when she discovers that Shane and Jenny have actually hooked UP?? EW!! And I loved how much laughter the other characters got out of the whole idea of Shane and Jenny! We’ll wait for the train wreck now… 😉

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