Posted by: da_nibbler | February 3, 2009

Terminal Meltdown?

Actors get emotional. It’s their job. We have all heard of actors having meltdowns and flipping out on sets. They’re baring their soul, make themselves vulnerable and sometimes they snap. It happens. Bygons.

Not this time.

Riding on a huge tidal wave, more a tsunami by now, is an audio clip of Christian Bale’s tantrum on the Terminator Salvation set. Awhile back, there were rumors of Christian Bale blowing up on set, calling for the director of photography to be fired. Now you can hear that yelling in all its frightening glory.

Apparently the meltdown recording was kept for insurance purposes and sent by the studio execs to the insurance company in case production has to be halted. Meaning this actually frightened the people that were there to hear it enough to take up this measure.

Has Christian Bale lost it? Have a listen for yourself here.

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