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Leaving Los Angeles (aka The L Word episode 6.04)

Everyone is at the cafe and as soon as Jenny walks in she manages to piss off Max immediately. Way to go Jenny! You haven’t lost your touch at all. And the whole shebang in less than two seconds. That must be some sort of new record. Even for Jenny. Is someone keeping track of this? Moving on.

I guess men and FTMs don’t like being referred to as mothers or beautiful women. Come on, Jenny, catch on! What’s wrong with you? You were the first to call Max “MAX” and refer to him as HE. What happened? Oh yeah, The L Word writing staff is what happened. Never mind.

Max’s pathetic breakdown only helps make the whole thing seem even more ridiculous. Shouldn’t there be some sort of rule to actually get actors for the job of an actor?! I don’t get my hair done by my butcher either. I would still like to know who Daniela Sea beat out to get the role of Max. Who else was lined up at that audition? Anyone know? I would really like to know!

As we come back after the much loved intro song Jenny has an epiphany as to who stole the negative (see last episode’s recap). She brings Williams name up cos she overheard him wanting to burn down one of his buildings for insurance fraud. Tina is not really buying that.

The focal point now shifts to Kelly, who has just waltzed into The Planet and Bette immediately rockets over there to greet her. She introduces her to everyone, but then proceeds to get another table all alone with Kelly. What the hell? Kit comes over and we witness a reunion scene while we hear Tina talk about a possible birth-mother for Bette and her next baby.

Kit finally comes over and now the real dishing starts. She asks Tina what the hell the B I T C H Kelly Fremont, aka Kelly Wentworth, is doing here. Tina doesn’t seem to care much until Kit brings out the big guns and tells everyone that Bette almost killed herself over Kelly when they were in college together. A little known fact to everyone including Tina, who is not very amused.

But before that can even start to boil Dylan walks in. Kit sums it up best with “What is going on here tonight?” although it doesn’t look like night at all. I thought everyone was having breakfast at first. Either way, it turns out Dylan has a meeting with Tina, that Tina didn’t even know about. Ohhh, you mean that filmmaker I’m supposed to meet with is Dylan? Weird huh. Tina usually does her research so how come she doesn’t know who the filmmaker is that she is meeting? I know a lot has been happening in this scene already, but has everyone gone kookoo? After last week’s episode I shouldn’t be surprised.

Turns out Dylan is only meeting with Tina cos she wants to get Helena back. “Helena is the love of my life and I’d give anything for another chance to be with her.” You and everyone else sweetheart.

On the other side of the room Bette is having dinner with Kelly, talking about art. The way that conversation is going it is pretty clear from the start that Bette will end up working with Kelly. More trouble for Tina and Bette on the horizon?

Tina breaks the Dylan-news to the table including Helena, where Jenny utters one of the best lines of the entire episode. In total Godfather mode Jenny asks Helena “What can we offer you in the way of protection?” Is this lady for real? I know I watch a lot of films, but even I wouldn’t say that. Jeeez Jenny. Alice says it best non-verbally by giving Jenny one of the by now infamous Alice looks. Yeah, Jenny, you’re carrazzyyyy.

To remedy the situation Alice wants to hook Helena up with Jamie, the girl that called Alice about that other girl that wanted to jump off a ledge last episode, but Helena is hardly listening, constantly eyeing the business card Dylan left behind. All smooth Helena picks up Tasha’s cup, where the torn remainder of the card has been left to die, while Alice is on the phone, trying to sell the hook-up idea to Jamie. Tasha is all talkative and mucho communicado today, jumping at the chance of talking to Jamie on the phone. Wow, what happened to Tasha? These three have been hanging out lots and seem to be getting along famously. Alice and Tasha are more excited about the hook-up-dinner-date they just arranged than Helena, who all this time has been busy snatching that card without anyone noticing. Seems like Dylan Moreland might be getting that second chance she wants so badly after all.

Shane and Jenny are home and just for once not busy fucking each other. Instead they are clutter clearing, meaning getting rid of some old stuff. Sounds good. Can they clear each other out? That would be great. Jenny won’t let Shane clean out any of her stuff anyways even though she constantly urges her to do so. They are doomed. On to Shane’s stuff, where Jenny rigorously gets rid of old shirts until she hits the vulnerable spot – the Carmen De La Pica Morales era. Shane doesn’t want to forget and get rid of that. Foreshadowing? Let’s hope so. Otherwise let’s get a professional cleaner and get rid of both of them. The world would be a much better place. Okay, maybe not the world, but my tv screen. Jenny + Shane = wrong!

Bette and Tina fight over the new job proposal as they are flying out to meet the birth-mother of their possible future family addition. They sort of resolve the matter – for now – with a kiss. And little Angie is one of the cutest kids on tv. It had to be said.

Alice meets Shane for coffee at a place we haven’t seen before and is totally gushing over new platonic friend Jamie.  Just what is so great about this chick? Someone enlighten me please. Apparently meet-up-dinner tonight, meet-up for Helena and Jamie, will be home-cooked, since everyone other than Helena is broke, and vegetarian, since Jamie is vegetarian. Alice considers herself vegetarian now too since she has been eating lots of vegetables recently. I love Alice and her logic. Maybe a certain Jamie someone has something to do with that. You can literally hear the music scratching to a halt as Jenny walks in, wanting to join them. Alice is not too thrilled. Her uber-excitement from talking about Jamie was swapped for uber-annoyance thanks to Jenny’s arrival. Ups are followed by lows immediately. It seems to be like a law of physics.

Bette and Tina have a rather rude awakening to the homophobic rural areas in the US, where the birth-mother is located. While the birth mother is totally cool with them being gay, her parents are oblivious to the fact at first and when they finally realize it, after asking about Bette and Tina being married, are appalled. Bette can’t grasp the concept of them asking her and her partner whether they are married to men. Two worlds are colliding and the LA crowd is asked to leave. Welcome to America.

Jamie and Alice are preparing the dinner for tonight. Alice is clearly a disaster in the kitchen whereas Jamie seems to be the goddess of the spoon, or rather of the squash-nuts-with-wine bottle variety. Either way a goddess in the kitchen. While she does nothing for me looks-wise I do like a woman that knows what she’s doing in the kitchen.

Kit is at Hit Club again getting hit on by Sunset Boulevard. Now Pam Grier is not in babygirl-mode anymore, but the Sunset-Boulevard-mode is not much better.

Now we get to the truly awkward part of the episode. Helena meeting Jamie. Nicely introduced by switching from one to the other while talking about the same things, but with totally opposing opinions. Those two are a match made in hell, not heaven. Let’s see where this goes.

Meanwhile on the dance floor at Hit Club Max and Tom are having a tough time cos Max doesn’t want Tom to hang with other guys. Kits breaks up their scene just by saying HI and giving Max some prep talk that goes over very well. Max then confesses to Tom that he has all these feelings and that his body is doing things he doesn’t feel comfortable with. They make up and hug. Hugging and kissing seems to be THE way to make up and get over things. Maybe someone should give our world leaders that message.

Back at the romantic-double-date-dinner the new three musketeers are looking at Alice’s baby photos and talking about how many kids they want. As interesting as that conversation is all I can think of is WHERE THE HELL IS HELENA? Wasn’t this supposed to be a hook-up-dinner for Helena and Jamie? Yet Helena is nowhere in sight. After the scene has taken forever Alice finally mentions Helena having two kids and a cut to a different angle reveals Helena standing right behind the three musketeers, all the way behind the couch, wineglass in hand and totally ostracized from whatever is happening. The first chance Helena gets she is out of there. Especially after being reminded of her two cute little kids, who she only gets to see every few months cos her ex took them to the south of France. Poor Helena. Go and get Dylan and make her make you forget all that.

As soon as Helena sees Dylan she runs over to her, startling the poor woman half to death. Guess that angry little shove Helena gave Dylan outside of Hit Club the other night really stuck with her. As soon as Dylan realizes it’s Helena she goes into defensive mode and apologizes for having contacted Tina. She is quite shocked, pleasantly though – who wouldn’t, when Helena instead of beating her face to a pulp asks her out for dinner. I guess that’s not what Helena had planned to say since she mutters “fuuuuuck” as she runs back to her car. I take Rachel Shelley running any day no matter what for.

Now we’re back to The L Word Season Six disaster also known as Shane and Jenny. Jenny in all her craze made Shane’s room into an office, moving all of Shane’s crap into her own room, all coupley and all. Shane is – what shall we call it – not happy. Not in the slightest. She even calls her “crazy”. But the scene is totally turned upside down when Jenny asks the “do you hate/love me” questions and Shane says “I do, I love you.” Someone get me a bucket. Actually, make that two! I don’t think this was it for this week.

Cleaning up seems to be one of the themes this episode. Tasha, Alice and Jamie try to get rid of all evidence of the hook-up-dinner, while setting up a future dance marathon setting as a fundraiser for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. During the scene it seems like Alice has to mark her territory, namely Tasha, with a kiss on the shoulder since Jamie is getting a bit too familiar for Alice’s taste. That’s at least how I read that, plus I’d do the same thing.

Kit and Sunset Boulevard are having a talk about what Kit likes in men and he definitely seems interested. Max and Tom come home, sort of still fighting. Clearly Tom doesn’t know how to deal with a woman and Max basically is a woman since the hormones during pregnancy give him such an emotionality that a gay man can’t seem to relate to. Tom is tired of Max always putting himself down. I smell abandonment and can see someone mentally packing his things. Or that might just be me. And while you’re packing give Max a haircut and a shave.

Bette and Tina rehash the events of the day as they settle into their hotel room at the Desert Palm Lodge. Thank God the writing team is finally let someone voice what I thought about this adoption and this specific birth-mother from the get-go. You don’t know anything about her, you don’t know anything about the father and given her surroundings you might not want to welcome her child into your home and expose your own child to those genetics. Especially given how picky Bette was concerning the donor for Angelica. Thanks for making Bette question that decision finally.

But then we get a knock on the door and Marcy, aka birth mom, floats into the room, bearing not just a baby but also possibly good news. She wants Bette and Tina to have her baby despite of what her parents think. Great that Bette just had her rant about her concern for getting said baby. Marcy reveals that the baby is going to be a boy and that that is one of the reasons she wants Bette and Tina to adopt him: “This world needs boys that are going to do things different. And I really want my baby to have a chance at that. Making this world, you know, just a little better.” Seems like that sold Bette and Tina on the idea.

The final montage kicks in. Starting with Bette and Tina being all happy and content in their hotel room the next morning, Max lying on his bed alone with dirty feet sticking out, getting up and realizing Tom has left him. That’s it. Quite a short one this week.

Next week on The L Word: Hopefully Dylan and Helena will revisit their season three hotness, Max gets a haircut and doesn’t look like a street bum anymore and the cleaner finally comes to LA to take out Shane and Jenny or at least Jenny. Stay tuned.



  1. Max… is psycho! I cannot believe how he is acting! He is just requiring a little too much attention, even for someone that’s pregnant! Poor Tom tried to reach over to touch the belly as Max was getting settled in bed, and Max turns him over and spoons him! WTH!? Can Tom not be excited? Geez Max, soo depressing.

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