Posted by: Gossip Girl | February 11, 2009

Chris Brown, who knew he had a violent side

First thing I saw this morning after opening my laptop was a headline on Yahoo Canada “Chris Brown Arrested in Alleged Assault on his girlfriend Rihanna.” My first reaction was “no freakin’ way!!!” R&B singer Chris Brown is known for his squeaky clean image and this news came as a huge shock to fans.  The alleged assault happened at around 12:30 am on Sunday morning, hours before both singers were supposed to perform at the Grammy Awards, needless to say both canceled their Grammy appearances.

It is very interesting to note that Brown has previously discussed his mother’s abuse at the hands of his stepfather and how gravely it had affected his childhood…hmm domestic abuse has often been shown to be a learnt behavior, but I am not here to discuss Chris Brown’s traumatic childhood experiences and how they could have led to him becoming an abuser himself.

So onto the rest of the facts about this story.  Wrigley’s gum has pulled back ads featuring Brown, and Rihanna has canceled a concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Friday. All her publicist has said was that “Rihanna is well. Thank you for support and concern.” Anybody else miss when the biggest celebrity news of the week was Jessica Simpson getting fat? I mean seriously this is pretty awful news, especially given that Rihanna was reported to have suffered horrific injuries, namely a split lip, bloody nose, bruises and bite marks on the arms and fingers….I for one will never be able to listen to his whiny songs anymore. Is it just me or is the theme of recent celebrity news “huge stars shoot themselves in the foot and mess up their careers single-hand-idly.” Michael Phelps anyone?

Come back for more gossip, trash talk and the latest celebrity news.  Gossip Girl has arrived!!!


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