Posted by: da_nibbler | February 12, 2009


I just watched the latest episode of Desperate Housewives. I know, I’m late. Seems to be my motto for the week. Where did the time go?

Not much to tell about the new episode really. All I remember is the super cute MJ moment, Gabby trying to fit into an old dress, Tom decking Dave, Susan doing everything possible for her son’s future and Bree turning into a friendship-killer.

Overall I got a very depressing feeling from this episode. Not just cos Bree literally killed her friendship with Lynette by giving her money or cos Tom finally found out what a rat Dave really is. Maybe it’s all the realism of seeing these characters having the same financial problems as everyone else. Lynette and Tom are indebt thanks to their son having been suspected of murder and arsen. Susan can’t pay for her son’s private school and has to take an additional job at said school. On the other hand you have Carlos and Gabby that are back to their former, rich self. And Bree, who’s book seems to be skyrocketing on the bestseller charts that quickly that she went and bought a brand new Lotus.

There were however a few funny moments among the whole financial disasters. Most notable Susan’s uber cute son MJ sitting in the principal’s office. Him being bored and Susan putting a hand on his twitching leg only to have the role reversal as soon as Susan sees how much the annual school fees have gone up. MJ putting his hand on his mommy’s leg to make her stop twitching and giving her that look is one of the cutest things ever. Teri Hatcher and that little boy have some great chemistry and he is my favorite addition to the series in its fifth season. I can never get enough of him and his quirky and cute scenes. Anyone remember when he smashed that bowling ball on his daddy’s new girlfriend’s foot? Ah that little brat. He definitely needs more screentime.

Desperate Housewives - MJ

Desperate Housewives - MJ

Gabby signing up for bootcamp was hilarious too. How funny was Eva Longoria in that first bootcamp scene when she is throwing up air and asking for time outs.

Desperate Housewives - Gabby

I hope we’ll see Susan getting into typical Susan Meyer trouble at her new job, more MJ thanks to Susan working at the school her son goes to and way more Felicity Huffman. She needs to get some more comedy gold. We all know she does drama amazingly well, but mix it up every now and then. The best line was still her last week’s “I’ll have the baby right now and beat you with it.” Brilliant. Maybe again next week. Keeping fingers crossed.

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