Posted by: da_nibbler | February 12, 2009

Lost Recap Found! (BSG ep 4.14)

There will be a new episode for Battlestar Galactica airing tomorrow and I just noticed that I hadn’t posted my recap for last Friday’s episode. Don’t know why, but I thought I had. Sorry about that. So here goes. My recap for Battlestar Galactica episode 4.14 – the second part of the rebellious two-parter:

“For Justice.”

The Raptor is fleeing Galactica, trying to find refuge for President Roslin on the Cylon baseship, while Adama and Tigh are trying to hold off the marines. Recap of the previous episode can be found here.

This episode just started and already I have a major gripe with it. Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh are seasoned soldiers, having been in war, and yet they are both immediately knocked out by a grenade they knew would be the first thing the marines would be throwing through the cracked open door. They must be aware of standard procedures like that and should have taken shelter behind something, not openly stand there and take it!

Moving on… Two Viper pilots, ordered to destroy the fleeing raptor, are having quite opposing views on what to do. Hotdog, the one we have known for a while, doesn’t want to shoot down the legally elected president, while someone called Nacho(?) is rather trigger-happy. Nacho fires the first missile, but Athena piloting the Raptor totally got it covered. The missile hits the Cylon baseship as the Raptor scurries away, landing safely.

The Cylons are not too pleased being fired upon when they welcome Roslin, Baltar and the rest of the Raptor crew, who bring them up to date on what’s been happening on Galactica. Roslin demonstrates some strategic genius and grows some balls, barking orders at the Cylons who are unsure of how to deal with this new situation.

Meanwhile Adama is escorted back to the bridge, where Gaeta wants him to get the president back. Of course Adama refuses and doesn’t let a chance pass by telling everyone what he thinks of this:

“I care too much for this ship to let it be overrun by rats.”

Gaeta is just getting ready to fire on the Cylons as the baseship moves into position in the middle of the fleet. No way is Gaeta going to fire on them now. Brilliant, Roslin, brilliant. A shroud of Vipers surrounds the baseship to keep them in check for now.

Adama is being put on trial for treason, desertion, giving aid and comfort to the enemy and gross dereliction of duty, punishable by death by firing squad. He gets a lawyer, Gaeta will be representing the people and Zarrick will function as judge. Get those firearms ready. With this constellation there is no question how this will end.

Zarrick brings the whole shenanigans before the Quorum who literally boot his ass out of the room. “I think you should leave now, Mr. VICE President.” All Zarrick does is give the order “Shoot them“. Problem solved. You got to hand it to Zarrick. He gets problems resolved quickly. Unlike Gaeta. But I still don’t get the whole shooting-bullets-in-a-spaceship-is-safe scenario.

Gaeta is finally brought face to face with what he started when he sees the carnage as Zarrick points out to him “This is a coup, that you began.

Starbuck and Apollo are still running through Galactica, ticking off marine after marine on their newly adjusted friend-or-foe screens. Getting the Cylons and affiliates out of the Brigg only ends up getting Anders fatally wounded and the newly increased group divided up.

Adama’s ridiculous trial goes forward to its already fixed conclusion, while Roslin finally gets through to the fleet with some Cylon tech.

Throughout the episode more people fall from Gaeta and Zarrick’s side. Especially seeing their former Admiral escorted to his execution is a breaking point.

Roslin sends an ultimatum. Gaeta gives the execution order as Adama is freed by his people, holding the execution squad at gunpoint.

Now the role reversal is taking place with Adama leading his ragtag group towards CIC, Roslin threatening Galactica and it is finally revealed where Tyrol has been trying to get to the whole episode crawling through ducts and vents – the FTL drives. As Galactica and the majority of the fleet is preparing to jump away and leave the rest behind, Tyrol desperately tries to get the FTL drives offline.

With the FTL drives offline Gaeta reaches his breaking point. “One day soon there’s gonna be a reckoning.” He orders everyone to hold as Adama and his group crash into CIC retaking control of Galactica.

Also this episode: Tyrol finds a major breach in the FTL drive section, Roslin almost breaks down when seeing Adama again after having been told he was executed and Zarrick and Gaeta are shot.

“The truth is told by whoever is left standing.”


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