Posted by: Gossip Girl | February 12, 2009

New single by Flo Rida

Gossip Girl here!! Since my interests include much more than just gossip, I have decided to feature a regular column where I introduce you to a newly released music single. You will find out which singles I find awesome, crappy,  dance inducing or just downright awful.

As I opened my iTunes today, I noticed that there was a new number one song.  It was the new one by Flo Rida, “Right Round.” You know the rapper who had the hits “Low” and “Elevator” last year. Anyways I bought it because I’ve liked his past hits and I love rap infused with some fantastic dance beats.  That is exactly what this song is.  Truly it is a great hip-hop song and totally infectious.  Especially the chorus which samples the 1985 Dead or Alive hit “You Spin Me Round.” Little bit of confusion regarding who the girl  featured is.  I have found sources online which state it as “I kissed a Girl” singer Katy Perry, others say pop singer Kesha, some say both.  iTunes has not listed the featured artist yet.  Either way awesome song, awesome beat, and totally addictive. To have a listen click here.


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