Posted by: da_nibbler | February 14, 2009

Possibly The Most Important Lottery Ticket Of Your Lifetime

The Institute for Human Continuity has launched its website and is giving away free lottery tickets to your salvation.

The latest installment in viral campaigns is for Roland Emmerich’s apocalyptic disaster film 2012, to be released September 13, 2009. Starring John Cusack, Thandie Newton, Amanda Peet, Woody Harrelson, Danny Glover and Oliver Platt among others the film follows in the wake of the director’s blockbusters like Independence Day and Day After Tomorrow. Check out the cool trailer here.

When the world ends in 2012 you better be one of the few chosen ones thanks to that lottery. Jokes aside, I seriously hope that some people signing up for this lottery might be privy to winning prices or at least tickets to a screening or something like that. Walk-on roles would have been nice, but the film is already wrapped and in post-production.

Speaking of production, a friend of mine was on set as an extra and what I heard about shooting makes me tick off the days on my calendar anxiously until the world finally ends September 13, 2009. Just make sure to get one of those lottery tickets. You never know.

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