Posted by: da_nibbler | February 15, 2009

Stop Uwe Boll!

The time has finally come. We are getting to say NO to Uwe Boll’s next film before he even starts shooting.

Seems like the man who always finds funding for his ridiculous films and gets certain stars to appear in front of his lens is finally having trouble getting funding for his next sacrilege on celluloid. He is asking fans (does he really have fans?) to donate $49 each to help him raise the $18.5 million needed for his next celluloid waste, a terrorist thriller called Blackout.

The brainless suckers who will fork out that kind of money are promised a limited-edition DVD of the film and a chance to win a trip to the set and other prizes, including up to $50 000 in cash. But better be quick. The site will only be open until March 31. If the target amount isn’t reached by the deadline, he will either try to work with a smaller budget or return 27 euros or $40 to the investors.

What a deal, huh. You give the worst director that ever walked this earth $49 so he can commit his next crime against humanity and the arts and shouldn’t that work out he will give you $40 back. Now that’s neat. Should it work out you get a DVD of one of the worst films ever made, maybe get to be on his set, where you can learn how NOT to make films or might get to win $50 000 in cash. I seriously hope no one gets blinded by maybe winning $50 000.

We are given the chance to send a signal and have this idiot right where we want him – to not be able to make any more films. If you know anyone who donates for this crap let me know. I give everyone a free pass to bash some sense into those brainless suckers. Not that that will do you any good in court.


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