Posted by: da_nibbler | February 17, 2009

Teaser Looks Promising. Trailer Disappoints.

Trailers are meant to make you want to go and see a film. Usually they succeed, but today seems to be the time for trailers that make me want to NOT go and see the film they are advertising (read post below about the Beth Cooper trailer).

The other disappointment of the day is the new trailer for a film, who’s teaser trailer I hyped not even two months ago. The teaser trailer for new British film Lesbian Vampire Killers was one of the most interesting and different trailers I have seen in a while. Campy and over the top the teaser walked a fine line between genius and trash (not trash in a good way!). I sided more with genius and wanted to give the film a chance, but after seeing the full trailer (see below) for this disaster all I can think of is that less is more and I didn’t need to know/see all the stuff they packed in there cos it makes me want to NOT go and see this film.

The earlier released teaser trailer, which goes more along the lines of the amazing Evil Dead and any Bruce Campbell films, will always hold a special place in my heart. But Lesbian Vampire Killers has been relegated to the bottom of my might-watch-on-DVD list. Although I’m sure one of my friends will probably pop that one in for one of our film nights. Maybe it’s better watching it drunk with a few buddies.

Have a look. For the amazing teaser trailer go here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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