Posted by: da_nibbler | February 18, 2009

“I Want A Panini!”

Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives gave us some funny moments, represented how the bad economy impacts everyone’s, or most people’s, lives, the trials of shared custody and both parents working as well as set up the killer-murder-plot for next week’s episode with a gun being stuffed into a backpack.

This episode was, like the one from the previous week, nothing spectacular. Hardly anything worth writing about if there hadn’t been several MJ moments that were the highlights of the episode. That and Gabby showing her husband that she doesn’t know how to negotiate. Or does she?

It all starts off with MJ being sick on his first day in the new school. Unfortunately that is also Susan’s, his mommy, first day of work at said school and she can’t take care of him. Trying to pawn her son off at his dad’s is more problematic than she thought cos he has to go to work too. No surprise then really that she discovers her son at his daddy’s new girlfriend’s pad when she comes home from work. That said girlfriend is good with food and knows how to take care of a kid doesn’t sit too well with Susan. Amping the whole scenario even further is that MJ falls in love with Katherine’s, daddy’s girlfriend, cooking. And if there is one thing Susan Mayer can’t do it’s cooking. Twisting the knife in the back even further is MJ rushing over to Katherine’s cos he “…want[s] a panini!” and not his mom’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I totally get you kid, but you also totally squashed your mommy’s feelings for a sandwich. Just saying. On a little side note: Could this kid be any cuter?




Gaby is devastated cos Carlos is not getting his promised bonus thanks to the bad economy. When she runs into his boss and friend canoodling with another woman she suddenly has the upper hand in negotiating for a very fine bonus. Carlos is just staring at her as the non-verbal-conversation is going on between Gabby and Carlos’ boss. Gabby later tells Carlos and Carlos would prefer going the honest and not the blackmail route, but Gabby intervenes. She really likes that new bracelet she just bought thanks to the $30 000 bonus she “negotiated”. But you can tell that the knowledge is eating at her, especially when Carlos’ boss and his wife come over and tell them they’re pregnant and want them as the godparents.

More bad news thanks to the economy. But this time dealt in a realistic, not funny, manner. The Scavo’s are about to lose their pizzeria cos no one can afford eating out anymore thanks to the bad economy. Tom is trying everything to save the business, even going as far as using his own children as staff. The kids aren’t too excited about that of course and trouble arises when the two oldest ones refuse to serve their school mates for fear of being made fun of. I totally get that, but I’m sure your parents don’t like serving all kinds of people day in and day out just to feed and clothe you and send you to college. I really like that the writers incorporate what is going on with the economy. On the one hand you have people like Bree, who don’t know what to do with all their money, while on the other hand you have the majority of people that are losing homes and businesses and are trying everything just to scrape by.

On the we-have-money side of town Orson finds out that Andrew, Bree’s son, makes twice as much in the family business as he does and is not too fond of that. You got to give Bree credit though. Andrew does his job very well and is basically managing the whole business while Orson just helps out and surfs the net. Trouble is definitely brewing there.

Also this episode: Dave and Mike are planning a camping trip for the weekend with their girlfriends. All Dave’s idea of course. In case you were wondering why let me just tell you he made sure he is packing a gun in one of his backpacks. Seems like the Dave-Mike-friendship might be climaxing next week. Stay tuned.


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